2019 Business Review – Easy process inside

For Side-Hustlers

So here is the thing, if you don’t look back at your business at least once a year (I suggest quarterly, but baby steps) you will NEVER set great goals.

I know it is a scary process that you would rather pull a tooth to look at your goals and (how bad) you did. To plan better, you need to know what is pushing your business forward and what is ‘busy’ work.

Without further ado…here is a simple process to get your 2019 REVIEW done before you lock in your 2020 goals.

Shall we?


Gather business information but DON’T analyze it:

 I tend to start analyzing and get overwhelmed before I even finish pulling the numbers. Delegate to a VA or your younger sister if you can – they will do it much faster      

Data to pull (aka find and take note):

  • Offers (service, store, consulting) and how much you made in each
  • How much time you worked on each project + your team
  • Marketing efforts rundown (social media, paid ads, advertised on magazine, networking)
  • PNL  (profit and loss statement – no worries if you don’t have one, I will show you how to do it in the next few weeks)
  • Detailed expenses (that helps with taxes too)
  • Analytics that are important to your business (conversion rates, site visitors, podcast downloads, clients inquiries, etc) 
  • I will teach you how to create a dashboard/scorecard in my next course – KYFN in Feb.

If you set goals, write them down

I keep my goals in Asana – so it is easy to see what they were at the beginning of the year.
If you set goals on a planner or file just go back to it and look through what your goals were.


Gratitude: Things I am grateful for

What worked:

  • which goals you achieved 
  • what was a pleasant surprise
  • what felt easy
  • what really got you out of bed early
  • what brought you the most money
  • and so on

What needs some work (or what didn’t work at all):

  • Targets you didn’t meet
  • Money wasted
  • Time wasted
  • Relationships/Clients that were difficult
  • Processes that felt too complicated
  • Activities you really dreaded completing
  • Ways you procrastinated or avoided doing the hard thing

What I loved doing this year or I felt in my ZONE OF GENIUS?

I like to wrap up with the most exciting things – because you should plan to do more of those things in 2020!
So, answer (honestly): What really fired you up in 2019? What made you feel like an expert? What helped people the most?

What I hated doing and needs to be deleted, automated or delegated?

On the other hand, if there were things that did NOT feel good but brought you money or you need to keep…list them too.
The thing is you will always have to work on things that you don’t like but maybe you can DELETE, AUTOMATE or DELEGATE them to someone.
If you make a note of all those annoying things you can plan out how to work better with them in the future.

After the debrief (just a fancy name for review) is done, note on your plan what you will keep in 2020, what you will start doing and what needs to stop.

Add the new, shiny things you are planning to offer (I have a separate launch planning process that I will share with you soon).

Voila, you brand new 2020 draft plan is done – and the best is that you just planned based on your own strengths, not based on what everybody is planning to do.


Cool? I have a few goal setting videos on YouTube that you can’t miss.

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2019 Business Review – Easy process inside


with love,

Roberta West

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