Leverage Your Own Data to Scale Your Next Launch

Free Launch Debrief Workshop for Course Creators

know exactly what to do more of (and what to cut) to hit your goals

Before you throw a bunch of my money and time on the ‘next big strategy thing’ let me tell you this…

YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS, the ‘crystal ball’ to decide what:
- Launch strategies work for you and your audience
- To do every day to hit your big launch goals in 6 months
- Needs to be tweaked, changed, swapped, stopped so that you can focus on the things that move the needle


But you need to look at your own freakin numbers first! Let me show you how...

There is no 'leading' to the pitch kind of content...
I will teach you how to debrief, we will answer your questions and at the end I will offer you a brand new hybrid (course + coaching) program that is ONLY for the course creator who knows they can scale to 100K with professional help.

No hidden agenda so you don't leave feeling this was...

No webinar gimmicks

No ‘let me tell you about me’

You wanna know who I am and if I know what I am talking about?! There is a pretty handy bio below and I would love to connect on instagram BEFORE the workshop, because once we start we will jump right into the training.

This is a complete, ‘meaty’ framework you get to use over and over again in your business. I'm not wasting your time with quick things you can figure out with a 2 min Google search.

No 3 ‘easy steps’

But here is what you will NOT get with this workshop:

What is a bunch of numbers without some real life results, am I right?! I am sharing how I went from teeny tiny launches to creating a profitable evergreen funnel by leveraging my launch debriefs! 

Launch Case Study


And the ones that are just junk cluttering your CEO-vision. 
I will show you the most common needle-movers for a course or membership launches and what you don't need to track.

The Right Numbers to Track


I might be the queen of templates because let's be honest - who has the time to sit through a training and THEN start putting together a file and THEN plug in the numbers?! Yep, not you! You get my debrief template to customize and use right away.

Done-for-You Debrief Template


What you actually gonna get in the workshop:

now that we got it out of the way...

Data-Driven Launch Planning

You could make just ONE simple change to your business model that dramatically influences your decision making?! That is data-driven launch planning. But first you need to get this data...and that is what the workshop will give you.

Like everything in business, you will get better at spotting trends and patterns as you go along. 'Debrief' is gonna be your next favorite part of the launch after you master it.

Rinse and Repeat Process

Mastering your data means you only do the things that are in ALIGNMENT to your goals and values...
Your next launch is bound to be the easiest yet.

Your Launch Feels Easy

No more asking around to decide what to do next...
When you know your own numbers, you know what you are gonna try next, what your audience connects with and what is not gonna fly.

You Say "Yes" to the Right Strategies

when you know your freakin numbers: 

I'm Roberta, your new launch manager

If you feel anything like me, you know your course will be a smash but you just don't know what you are doing wrong.
Believe me, I get it...

I was a 6-figure corporate launch manager for over 10 years, snazzy MBA in hand, and tons of client work but all of that didn't stop me from ignoring my data in hopes they will miraculously 'turn better next time'.

One of the pillars of my launch process is the DEBRIEF (or your launch review) - Every first day after a launch (freebie, challenge, full blown course launch) I sit for a few hours to review every single piece of data, comments, feelings, so I can get a clear picture of what happened. 

Now this entire process is yours for free....
Never wonder what went wrong again. I’m confident you will fall in love with the process of debriefing!

hey there!