ready to SCALE TO $100K

There's no obligation to join if accepted!! 


The only DONE-WITH-YOU program that walks you through how to design and sell an offer on autopilot without forcing you to live launch first or commit to some one-size-fits-all strategy.

Scale with evergreen


GET ready

YOU + ME + My Team

This is a Done-With-You program. If you want results fast you need someone to look at what you are doing and serve as a soundboard. Our team will review every part of the funnels you create and give the best EVERGREEN ADVICE out there.

How it works:
- 1-on-1 STRATEGY calls with me and your project manager
- Weekly expert FEEDBACK via Loom to tune-up your copy, graphics and metrics.
- CLINICS: 1-on-1 zoom calls to SETUP ads and integration

Valued at $9997

What's Included

Coaching & Agency

The FrAmework

You'll also get access to Straight to Evergreen, my signature program that shows you step-by-step HOW TO identify, test, and launch your evergreen funnel. 
What's really unique about this program is that it works WITH is not a tall tale of how I do things, but a framework to get your unique funnel out there selling. 

Valued at $4997

Straight to Evergreen Program


Another benefit of learning from someone who’s been there, done that? You get access to all of the plans, templates, and tools I’ve used to create, launch and maintain my funnels. These tools will help you get your own evergreen funnel up and running faster than ever.

Here are just some of the tools you’ll IMPLEMENT with you:
- Google Analytics Dashboards 
- UTM Tracking Process
- Backend Setup (customer support and claims, delivery protocols, feedback, etc)

Valued at $3997

GET MY Templates, PROTOCOLS and

The Core Training Alone Is Enough to Transform Your Business Over the Next 9 Months...
But I’m Adding Even More Fuel to the Fire With More Exclusive Features!

Exclusive Feature #1


Not sure if you can handle paid ads on your own? The question I get the most is 'Do I Need to Hire An Ads Manager?'... and the answer is absolutely 'NO'.
My own ads manager will jump on a zoom call and walk you through setting up your account and the types of ads we'll need to get results with the program. 
You get the recording to do on your own afterwards. 

Valued at $800


ready to SCALE TO $100K

There's no obligation to join if accepted!! 


Exclusive Feature #2

custom pick

Curated Funnel Templates

Funnel Templates

Simply put, we curate and GIFT to you funnel templates so you don't get stuck creating pages for weeks.
We source from the best template creators out there (custom to your tech) so you can have your funnel running in no time.
Templates available for Showit, Kajabi, Wordpress and more!

Valued from $300 to $1200

Exclusive Feature #3


Evergreen is a numbers-game and not just knowing how to calculate conversions...It's about seeing data patterns and tweaking accordingly. 
The way to finally understand your data is through custom dashboards and spreadsheets. 
This is advanced 'stuff' so we create and connect for you so you don't have to learn a whole new thing. 

Valued at $2997

A year from now you'll wish you had started today....

create a 6-figure funnel that runs on autopilot


ready to SCALE TO $100K

There's no obligation to join if accepted!! 


This coaching program is the only one of its kind because...

it doesn't shove a process down your throat

I have 2 big rules around here...YOU are the expert and know what's best for your students (I'm here to support you!)

and learning 'HOW TO FISH' is more valuable than just a funnel style that is gonna work for a hot minute.

I'll guide you through the process of creating a successful evergreen course and then scaling it but you are in control of how.

and we'll talk only about evergreen things

Have you joined a coaching program or membership only to be sitting through a plethora of totally 'irrelevant' questions from people doing all the things?! 
You + me + my team are 100% focused on creating an evergreen stream so we can support each other in a much more effective way.

Create a funnel that works while you take a vacation, play with your kids or go for a run.

Predict how much money you will make every month without the 'feast & famine' rollercoaster.

Be able to focus on the next offer in your 'Ascension Path' and not just the next sale

Crush the mindset blocks that keep telling you that business needs to be hard 

Serve the people who NEED and WANT your offer WHEN they want

Create a replicable process that you can use again and again in your business

By the end of SCALE WITH evergreen, you will...

say no more! I'm in

What if I told you that I haven’t posted to Instagram in over a month, yet I’m still making consistent course sales in my business? 
Does it make you a little green with envy? If so, I totally understand — because I’ve been there. 
I remember the days where I would daydream about having an offer that would sell every single day, without me needing to show up. (Working in my PJs is my love language, after all.)
My goal was simple: I wanted to generate $2K per month to cover my business expenses while I focused on creating and launching my signature offer.
5 months later, my first evergreen funnel hit $100K. (And yes, I absolutely kicked myself for not doing it sooner.)
At the time of writing this, I’m in the midst of perfecting my second evergreen funnel, which generated over $100K in the testing phase alone. 

Hi, I'm roberta.
Your future
evergreen coach.

But Is Not JUST About The Money...

While the predictable and consistent revenue is undeniably amazing, creating my evergreen offers has also allowed me to:
   - Have more time, space, and energy to support my students
   - Work on new things (like this program!)
   - Sit by the beach whenever the weather is perfect
   - Train for a marathon, and 
   - Close ‘shop’ every day at 3 pm to hang out with my son
And that’s what I want for you, too: predictable revenue, time to pour into your passion projects, and a bigger taste of the freedom that led you to course creation in the first place. 
Scale With Evergreen isn’t a program where I give you a system that worked for me. Instead, I’m going to show you how to design a successful, profitable evergreen funnel YOUR way.

Are you ready to take that journey with me?

Let me Be your mentor


Students who have taken my evergreen courses


ROAS of my low ticket funnel alone (Oct'22 data)


Revenue from evergreen funnels this year


Average ROAS for agency clients in less than 2 months

This      for you if:

You'RE a digital creator and have created offers before (we don't cover the basics!)

You’ve never sold an online course or digital product before

You have an open mind and are excited about thinking outside the box when it comes to testing different evergreen methods

You’re 100% committed to implementing a specific evergreen funnel framework or method (e.g. webinars or SLO funnel) and unwilling to listen to the data

You like to test things out, experiment, and make data-informed decisions

It's probably        for you if...


You tend to wait until things are perfect before taking action, and are adverse to testing things out or doing things “imperfectly”


You love the idea of serving your students when they need and are looking for your solutions, not just when you’re ready to launch

You’re ready to get off the hamster wheel of content creation by creating an offer that sells without you having to show up day in, day out

You don’t have the time to commit over the next 9 months to get your evergreen offer and funnel up and running

evergreen is for me!

The program starts at $897/mo and investments for your funnel will vary greatly. I recommend you have $2000 to invest in paid advertising and $500 to invest in funnel tech/templates if you you need. 

How much MONEY do I need?

How much TIME do I need a week?

It depends on how fast you are able to create assets like sales page, email copy, webinar presentations, etc. 
I recommend 10hrs/week to get the most out of it - after all it is an 'intensive' process


Can I join if I never launched a program?

This is a fast paced program designed to help more experienced digital creators. If you haven't launched yet check out Launch Plan in a Day

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely! You can add any part time+ OBM or Integrator team members to help you launch even faster and better

What happens if I can't launch my funnel during the program?

You'll learn so much about how to think and create in evergreen that I'm confident you can keep going on your own. We also offer the opportunity to rejoin Scale with Evergreen (at a maintenance cost) for extra support and accountability.

What's a Done-With-You program?

It's like a more involved mentorship. My team and I will help you create every part of the process so you get results fast.

What's a 'sprint'?

Sprint is defined as to run a short race at full speed. Something done quickly at a fast pace, especially a race. We are 'racing' to get you an evergreen funnel in the first 12 weeks of the program because we know that losing momentum is the main reason why people don't launch. 

What results can I expect if I follow the system?

If you follow the Straight to Evergreen method and complete all the outlined tasks/launches we suggest, you can expect to develop an evergreen offer that breaks even in the first 3-6months and then scale it to 6-figures afterwards.

no more questions, I'm in

start working on your funnel immediately

templates and processes done for you

evergreen-focused team

proven roadmap to test and launch a winning funnel


ready to SCALE TO $100K

There's no obligation to join if accepted!! 


This system works, our agency clients make 4x their money in just a few months.
So I'm offering you 3 months of access completely risk free!
I'm so confident that with our help you scale your evergreen offer that you can stop after 3 months, keep all the templates, copy and ads we created for you!

*If you pay in full, we will refund the time left.

Do the work, Launch Your Funnel and if It DOESN'T Work For You, Just Stop The Program!

get results or stop the program 



No more live launching, if it isn’t your thing.
No more constantly showing up on social media just to sell your offers. 
In 9 months or less, you could have an offer that’s generating revenue for you every single day (yep, without being tied to your keyboard and screens). Selling on evergreen isn’t some course creator fantasy. It’s your future. Let me show you how it’s done.

But if you still have questions...let's chat!