Enjoy some of our go-to biz resources (and favorite things!) to help you in your journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like myself! (Use as many or as few sections as you want!)

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Social Squares

If you are wondering where i get those punchy pics for my stuff - here is the secret.

Personal Faves

Supporting our friends and small businesses everywhere is just so important this year! Check out those independent shops and all-around boss babes and grab a few great things for your biz and life.

Wilde house paper

My friend and designer extraordinaire Megan owns this paper company with a soul 


Finally an alternative to the boring cookie-cutter email provider

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I am a HUGE course taker and I learned a thing or two about picking the right course and the right educator for every stage of my business.
Wanna in the secret? Read the reviews

The Course Reviews Are In

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I love ads! Chances are you are here today because of one of them. 
When I joined Salome's membership last year I learned how to find the right people for my stuff and it was magical!

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Course Favorites

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B-School (Biz)

Writing promo emails sucks! There, I said it...and copywriters know this, so they charge you a million bucks for custom. If you are just starting out, suck it up and get a good course to help you write emails that sell.

Launch Hero (Email)

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