How to Turn Inspiration Into Action

For Side-Hustlers

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Every month, I collect a few pins to freshen up my aesthetic a little bit. That part is so much fun…you go to Pinterest, spend a few hours looking at some cool photos and make a board, all to abandon that poor project the minute you have to actually…



Suddenly, you realize you have that huge pile of laundry or that very important (ha) email to send. You seriously question what the heck a moodboard will do for you, and just spending hours creating another inspiration post for Instagram (lame but I love it!) is just not going to happen.

Here is a thought…I think there is a lot of power in getting inspired, truly and genuinely. It is work that doesn’t yield results instantly, but if done every month, it can really up your aesthetic game. If you are just starting out, I have some ideas to make your inspiration super EASY and ACTIONABLE so you don’t drop that inspo board before it ever sees the light of the day.

Check this out:


Here is the down low if you got no earbuds at your job:

1. Find ONE pin that serves as your main inspiration. I said 1, ladies and gents!

2. Search Pinterest for other pins to complement that 1 main pin.

Warning: Color is important, but not everything…I look for textures, fonts, home décor, makeup, clothes, flowers and messages that can complement the FEELING of your vision.

3. Create a list of items you can BUY, MAKE or FIND to move from INSPIRATION to actual CREATION.


Need some more inspo? Check out this board:

Step #3 of my checklist up there can be the trickiest–you may know what you like on Pinterest and can create a killer inspo board, but have trouble bringing it to life. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:


Pick a few favorite colors from your pictures to turn into a custom palette; create an Instagram graphic with the message you selected in those fave colors of yours, use some of the fonts you scouted for a project, create a super cool mood board with your pins.

if you’re a PHOTOGRAPHER

Print or make a few backdrops containing the colors you selected for your inspiration board (I’ll have a quick tutorial coming up about this soon), use the pins as reference for your next photoshoot, order some of the flowers you selected and take great stock pictures with them, use the makeup colors on a photo of yourself for an instant on-brand Instagram post.

if you’re a STYLIST

If you are styling something this month, buy some of the items you pinned to compose a few lifestyle shots (I am loving nude stockings, ALL the flowers, and already have the caramel wool coat from J. Crew I selected for my board), get together with a photographer and a florist for some really cool newsletter or Instagram content.


There are so many other amazing ways to use an inspiration board, share below if you are doing something cool with your inspiration!


Get crackin’,


with love,

Roberta West

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