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We’re Hiring a Jr. Ops Manager ✨

March 4, 2022

Join a fast growing and exciting remote team helping digital creators sell more!
This role is for you if you love getting everybody on the same page and getting the work DONE!

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Corporate drop out helping digital creators launch a course, workshop, mini course or membership with their own secret-sauce!


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Junior Operations Manager

(Part Time or Full Time with AMAZING perks!)


The Biz: Roberta West (launch & funnel mentor and educator) and Everstream (funnel and marketing agency) 
Reports to: CEO and Owner, Roberta West
Position: Part-Time or Full Time. We'll consider starting as part time and moving to full time after 3 months.
Location: Remote. East Coast (EST time zone) preferred but not required
Hours: Must be able to work 9am-2pm EST
Application Deadline: March 31, 2022


Roberta West is an experienced launch manager and funnel strategist helping online business owners create multi six figure funnels to sell their programs on autopilot. In our first year of full time operations we generated over $230K+ in digital offers alone and we are excited to bring this business to multi 7-figures in the next few years.

We have a mix of established programs like Launch Plan in a Day that already helped 2500+ students plan and execute a fantastic course launch and new projects in different stages of ‘maturity’ like Straight to Evergreen – our coaching/course hybrid and Everstream, our done-for-you agency. 

And that is why we NEED YOU! We have a ton of work ahead of us and we need a rockstar, type-a, reliable and self-starter ops coordinator to keep us all moving full speed ahead!


Our mission is to help online business owners work less while making (a lot) more money with automated solutions. If it sounds simple and totally awesome – you should join us!

A Little Bit More About Us

At Roberta West and Everstream, our passion for simple, easy, automated funnels guides everything we do. We focus on what works for our CUSTOMERS, not a ‘one-fits-all’ solution. So we consider ourselves creative funnel makers and we get things out there fast to always bring the best solutions to our students and clients.

We currently offer templates and self-study programs as well as coaching/course hybrids. We're also launching an agency in the next few months to do for them what we already teach.

Our new projects will allow us to have an even greater impact not only for business owners, but to scale our business to a million dollars and beyond. We are a tiny but growing and dedicated team that is committed to speed and excellence, always focused on what we can do better, and are flexible to endure market changes. There are two ‘code-words’ in this position description. If you find them, put it in your response to question ten. We follow the data, and always learn from our mistakes to bring the best solutions forward. 

It is not what ‘I LIKE’, it is what ‘WORKS’ for all of us that goes forward.


‘Fail-Fast, Fail-Forward’

We fearlessly blaze forward, learning as much as we can in the process. We believe that great ideas are ideas proven by the market and through experimentation. We launch as much as possible, as fast as possible.

The 80%

We are not perfectionists because we understand that the magic is in having 80% done well and always work to improve the other 20%

Work Less, Live More

We work hard but smarter. The biggest motivator for us and our students is to have more time and money freedom to do the things we are passionate about. We would rather work really hard for months to create something that lasts than to hustle a little bit every day.


 We don’t settle for delivering what they ‘paid for’, we are always looking for ways to give our customers outstanding results as quickly as possible. Every idea is backed by a ‘what’s in it for them?’ kind of question.

Never Alone

A successful company is a team sport. We all have our unique roles and abilities but we never work alone on any project. We are always collaborating and listening to one-another so we can create better results. Put the code-word fast in response to question ten. Your problems are OUR problems, your failures are OUR failures and your wins are OUR wins.

For the Long Haul

We are here to serve and grow for years and years to come. We are not afraid of taking a step back to move two forward and we always make decisions based on what is best in the long term.


  • Do you consider yourself a ‘doer’, a ‘finisher', and you take great pride in seeing the work done?
  • Are you happy to coordinate different activities, people and projects?
  • Do you love learning new platforms and programs?
  • Are you self-motivated and frequently taking initiative?
  • Google or YouTube are the best working tools invented and you love to learn how to do something you’ve never done before?
  • Do you love helping people succeed and give great customer service?
  • Are you passionate about digital businesses, courses, memberships, group coaching and believe this is the way of the future?


In this role, you will have a direct impact on the business in a variety of ways.

While partnering closely with the business owner, you will coordinate all business activities and serve as a project manager for marketing initiatives, business operations, client relationships and new projects decided on by the team. You’ll be the main point of contact to drive all tasks forward on time and at the highest level of quality.
The operations coordinator supports the CEO in executing ideas, with the unique ability to keep everyone connected and focused, get their rocks done (we use EOS) and as a result hit annual goals.

This role supports primarily our internal projects so it is perfect for introverts. You will need to work in several different systems, so working on a computer for most of the time is a requirement.

This is a full-time role with lots of potential for growth as the company grows. We will consider part-time for the right candidate if this is your only work commitment.

This role allows for flexibility of schedule and you should be able to work from anywhere but we would like to have the full team available online most days from 9am to 2pm EST to optimize communication. This role requires a great internet connection and high-performing computer. You will also need a distraction-free work environment.

Preferably, candidates are located in the United States and be eligible for employment. Some of the perks might not apply to you if you live outside of the US. Close proximity to Boston, MA is preferred, but not required.


Project Management

  • Create and actively maintain our project management system (ClickUp) to track project status and integrate all major operating functions of the business.
  • Support contractors and other team members in finding the right information, coordinating conversations and handoffs from one function to another.
  • Support the CEO in creating and executing the launch, promo and visibility calendars.
  • Create and maintain our project Google Drive Folders and all assets.
  • Take ideas from the CEO, set deadlines and outcomes, and project plan them out to ensure on-time and high quality completion.
  • Keep the team on track with marketing and project calendar and make adjustments if necessary.

Student Support

  • Plan and start student and customer online meetings as needed.
  • Update CEO coaching calendar and meeting schedule (Calendly & AddEvent).
  • Download coaching calls and upload to course platform (Kajabi or Thrivecart)
  • Create and post inside the students’ Facebook Group to coordinate coaching hours and new training available.
  • Create and schedule recurring emails to students.
  • Provide refunds and customer support over email as needed.
  • Facilitate new client onboarding and offboarding processes.

Marketing, Funnels and Sales

  • Test everything, serving as the final check before something goes live.
  • Alert CEO and team members when links are broken or customers report any tech issues.
  • Coordinate affiliate links and manage propagation of affiliate promos.
  • Make minor updates to our pages, blog and websites.
  • Create PDFs and Canva slide decks for presentations, webinars, courses, etc.

Business and Culture

  • Backup other team members when they are on vacation or tight project timelines happen.
  • Resolve issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner.
  • Create and maintain our SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports to share with the team, so all of the team is aware of and can respond to trends of our key performance indicators.
  • Organize hiring, training, and onboarding of new hires.
  • Help propagate our team culture.

Must-have skills and experience

  1. 1-3 years in operations, virtual assistant or project management role (online or corporate).
  2. Hands-on experience OR willing to learn online marketing.
  3. Communicate effectively and in a productive way. Strong written and oral communication skills to connect with team members, clients, and vendors.
  4. Strong time management and organizational skills that lead to balancing multiple deadlines calmly.
  5. Analytically-minded with experience tracking data.
  6. Proven ability to follow-through and experience completing tasks and projects

Preferred skills and experiences

  • Experience working with a remote team and leading a team of contractors.
  • Technical aptitude in our most common software: ClickUp, Showit, Kajabi, ConvertKit, Zoom, Calendly, Searchie, WordPress, etc.
  • Written communication skills to write captions, blog posts and other minor content work, email responses, etc.
  • Canva or Photoshop experience
  • Google analytics or other reporting skills
  • Know how to create forms, set up sequences and other email marketing activities.


If you are shaking your head, saying ‘YES’ to everything we discussed so far, then you are probably wondering what the pay looks like 🙂

Starting hourly rate equivalent (monthly salary base)

Full-Time: $30-40/hr depending on experience and company fit.

This is a junior role that we are looking to expand within the first year. As we grow, you grow!

Other (awesome) perks

  • 2 weeks paid vacation and 1 extra week after 1 year with the company
  • 4 sick days/year
  • $1000/yr learning and development budget
  • Never work on your birthday!
  • Bonus for agency work ($500 bonus if you manage client work)
  • Company retreat experience
  • 1 month of paid maternity, paternity or adoption support after 1 year with the company

This Role is NOT for you if…

  • You dream of creating your own company and you just need to get some work to pay the bills while you get your business going.
  • You struggle to finish things and much rather start new things all the time.
  • You have a lot going on already and would be overwhelmed by a full-time role.
  • You struggle to stay organized and motivated when working from home.
  • You don’t desire to grow your leadership skills.
  • You struggle with being in a support role while helping others take care of the sales and being visible. Add the code-word support to question number 10.
  • You have no interest in digital courses, memberships and coaching and deep inside think those things don’t work.
  • You aren't willing to sign a non-disclosure, non-compete agreement.

This Role IS for you if…

  • You’re passionate about digital businesses and excited to work with a company that’s leading the way in the automation business.
  • You’re a take-charge, detailed, go-getter who has a positive mindset.
  • You’re self-motivated and frequently taking initiative to solve problems.
  • You're able to figure things out (aka “Google it”) before coming to the team with questions.
  • You also know when to speak up for help when you’ve exhausted your own efforts.
  • You're a team player, and “that's not my job” doesn't exist in your vocabulary.
  • You understand the value of clear and concise communication.
  • You can handle multiple projects and tight deadlines without unnecessary stress and overwhelm.
  • You work very well with other people and can build rapport quickly with both team members and clients.
  • You take ownership of your work and pride in paying great attention to detail and fast delivery.
  • You’re not afraid of new challenges and adapt well to changes on-the-go.
  • You can handle direct & blunt feedback and handle conflict with grace and ease.
  • You are always learning and seeking opportunities for professional development.
  • You are loyal and are known for being trustworthy and upholding high integrity in relationships.
  • You are junior in your career path, but you’re a go-getter and ready to be part of an incredible team

More perks…

Hands-on learning in a variety of roles and capabilities.
Work from anywhere.
Work flexible hours that allow you to put your personal life first.
Fast growing & exciting online company, where there are loads of growth opportunities.
Team to support you and your projects.

Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please prepare the below information and then submit your details via this application survey by March 31, 2022.

  • Record a brief video introduction no more than 3 minutes long
  • Title your video FirstName_LastName_integrator
  • Upload your video to Dropbox or Google Drive (or record in loom)
  • Link the video in the application survey
  • Share the results to one or more of the following personality assessments: Meyers Briggs, DISC or Enneagram
  • Fill the application survey and submit your information by March, 31 2022

If you’re chosen to move forward in the application process, you’ll be notified by April 1st, 2022 and you should expect to complete a PAID TEST as part of the interview process.

If you are not selected as part of the interview process, we truly appreciate your time and will keep your application for consideration in the future.


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