How to Motivate Yourself to do Business Tasks You Really Don’t Enjoy

For Side-Hustlers

As an entrepreneur, sometimes there tasks that we really don’t want to do or don’t enjoy doing but are necessary for continued business growth.

How can you motivate yourself to get these things done and checked off your list?

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this latest video!


“Think about how your task is going to impact your goals and you’re going to feel much better about it.”

roberta west


Video Highlights & Time Stamps:

  • 01:48 – Why you might want to cut some things from your list
  • 02:22 – Avoid the perfection trap
  • 02:54 – Make sure to reward yourself
  • 03:34 – How to make your tasks more fun
  • 04:14 – Change your mindset and think about your larger vision
  • 05:45 – All about the mom talk
  • 06:17 – Move your body to get motivated
  • 07:10 – How to break the task down into smaller steps
  • 07:43 – Don’t make it a habit


Watch the Video:



with love,

Roberta West

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