Design, Test and Launch a PROFITABLE Evergreen Program in 12 Weeks

(even if you tried before OR have no idea where to start)

Ready FOr a new revenue stream that runs completely on autopilot?

done-with-you + exclusive
100% breakeven GUARANTEE

Design, Test and Launch a PROFITABLE Evergreen Program in 12 Weeks

Trust the Person Who Knows How to Create the Perfect Evergreen Offer for Your Audience...

ok, with a little help from someone who is in the field, working alongside, who has her own funnels right now, just one step ahead in the game
That's ME!


IT's Time to

Community (if You want)

Bring Your Team Along

*True* Expert Workshops

and so much more

Speed is everything and nothing accelerates your results as amazing templates crafted specially for YOUR FUNNEL. We curate 

Templates, Prompts and Tools


You don't have to master EVERYTHING to make money on autopilot! Check out the bonus clinics we offer to help you get your ads account setup or your tech figured out! The clinics are the perfect opportunity to get things setup with the help of a pro team.

Tech, COPY & AdS Clinics


Things happen and sometimes you have a quick question. I respond to questions daily over Voxer so you keep moving forward.

Daily Support Via voxer


You’ll follow the Straight to Evergreen Program but the real magic is in having someone reviewing your progress and giving you advice to make it better. Submit your work weekly to get traction fast.

Weekly Deep Dive & Feedback Videos


If you want results fast you need someone to look at what you are doing  and serve as a soundboard. Our team will review every part of the funnels you create and give the best evergreen advice out there.

Done with you!


Here's how

Forget ineffective courses, expensive ads managers and funnel VAs...You need a pro EVERGREEN team vested in your success every step of the way!  



your funnel works or your money back!

done-with-you intensive
12 weeks / 1 validation funnel / 1 money-making funnel

Enroll ONLY if You LOVE The Gameplan

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Not Sure If Evergreen is a Good Fit For You?


Design a Business  That Works While You            

Design a Business  That Works While You             

Evergreen Sprint helps you design a true evergreen machine...
Ready to set your revenue on autopilot? 

If you're exhausted of being “on” all the time to sell your offers, you’re in the right place.


How It Works

Apply above to see if we're a perfect match. We respond in a day and send you a contract and invoice.  After that, you will get access to Straight to Evergreen to start pre-work


To keep you moving with support and accountability, every other week you have a strategy call with me + video review + clinics to get feedback as you go along.
We also created a milestone schedule - for example, on week 4 you create your test funnel.  

weekly schedule

Big part of the process is to launch a test funnel before your actual one. So get ready to create a free funnel and your actual funnel in 2 months!

launch funnels

This process works and I believe so much in it that I will give your money back if you go through the sprint, launch and your funnel doesn't breakeven 

Make $ With the Funnel or We Give Your Money Back! 


Make $ or Get Fee Back

No Risk

There is nothing like this in the market but we're making it a total no-brainer with a full money back if your funnel doesn't break even after you do all the work

What if I told you that I haven’t posted to Instagram in over a month, yet I’m still making consistent course sales in my business? 
Does it make you a little green with envy? If so, I totally understand — because I’ve been there. 
I remember the days where I would daydream about having an offer that would sell every single day, without me needing to show up. 
My goal was simple: I wanted $2K/mo to cover business expenses while I launched my signature offer.
5 months later, my first evergreen funnel hit $100K. (And yes, I absolutely kicked myself for not doing it sooner.) and my funnels brought in more than $300K alone since Mar'21 and I make sales every single day...

I want you to have the same freedom in your business...

Are you ready to put in the work now so you can grow big in 2023?

Hi, I'm Roberta.
Your Future Evergreen Coach.

But It's Not JUST About The Money...

While the predictable and consistent revenue is undeniably amazing, creating my evergreen offers has also allowed me to:
   - Have more time, space, and energy to support my students
   - Work on new things (like an agency and this mentorship!)
   - Sit by the beach whenever the weather is perfect
   - Train for a marathon, and 
   - Close ‘shop’ every day at 3 pm to hang out with my son
And that’s what I want for you, too: predictable revenue, time to pour into your passion projects, and a bigger taste of the freedom that led you to course creation in the first place. 
Evergreen Sprint isn't just a framework that worked for me and you can 'see if it works'. Nope... I’m gonna mentor you on how to design a successful, profitable evergreen funnel YOUR way.

Are you ready to take that journey with me?

Let me Be your mentor

The sprint starts at $4997 and investments for your funnel will vary greatly. I recommend you have $1000 to invest in paid advertising and $500 to invest in funnel tech/templates if you you need. 

How much MONEY do I need?

How much TIME do I need a week?

It depends on how fast you are able to create assets like sales page, email copy, webinar presentations, etc. 
I recommend 10hrs/week to get the most out of it - after all it is an 'intensive' process


Can I join if I never launched a program?

This is a fast paced program designed to help more experienced digital creators. If you haven't launched yet check out Launch Plan in a Day

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely! You can add any part time+ OBM or Integrator team members to help you launch even faster and better

What happens if I can't launch my funnel in 12 wks?

You'll learn so much about how to think and create in evergreen that I'm confident you can keep going on your own. We also offer the opportunity to join Scale with Evergreen (9mos) for extra support and accountability.

What's a Done-With-You program?

It's like a more involved mentorship. My team and I will help you create every part of the process so you get results fast.

What's a 'sprint'?

Sprint is defined as to run a short race at full speed. Something done quickly at a fast pace, especially a race. We are 'racing' to get you an evergreen funnel in just 12 weeks because we know that losing momentum is the main reason why people don't launch. 

What results can I expect if I follow the system?

If you follow the Straight to Evergreen method and complete all the outlined tasks/launches we suggest, you can expect to develop an evergreen offer that breaks even...that's why we give your money back if it doesn't!

no more questions, I'm in

Enroll ONLY if You LOVE The Gameplan

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Not Sure If Evergreen is a Good Fit For You?


Students who have taken my evergreen courses


ROAS of my low ticket funnel alone (Aug'22 data)


Revenue from evergreen funnels this year


Average ROAS for agency clients in less than 2 months

Do the work, Launch Your Funnel and if It DOESN'T Break-Even* you get the full fee back!!!

This system works, our agency clients make 4x their money in just a few months.
So I'm offering the sprint completely risk free! I'm so confident that with our help you will get your funnel to break even or we will give your money back guarantee! 

*Certain conditions apply - more details below

money back 


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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!
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