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By now you probably realize I am a straight shooter, so I am here to help you LAUNCH a digital offer! Plain and simple.
Anything goes: courses, shops, memberships, mini courses, workshops, you name it.
There are 3 ways we can work can go ahead and browse my free content which is very focused on the process and gives you the very first steps; or you can head to the shop for the Launch Plan in a Day system to get you launching in no time; or let's sit and work together on your plan on a power hour or launch plan full day... 

Book a Strategy Power Hour (just $397)


There are 2 types of entrepreneurs I help the most: the ones just about to start with digital products and the ones that have reached a limit doing by themselves. 

Either way, I help you create a strategy that works for you, then I pair with a fail proof project plan and we will sprinkle amazing design and copy to make it all come alive beautifully. 

If you're anything like me, you know you are so close to launching something great! You just need a little help from someone that've done it.

You just met the right person to help you go farther.

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ONLY $397

“if you are not getting the results you planned, it is time to look at how you are executing the plan”

— Roberta west, MBA

Launch Plan Done in a Day

I am ready to work with you

Spend 6 hours with me and knock all that launch laundry list off your head. We will free your time to actually execute on your launch, create content, finalize that webinar slides or whatever else you need to hit your big launch goals, funnel goals and beyond. 
At the end of the day you will feel in total control of all the moving parts and super clear on all the next steps.

It is like having the perfect launch manager without the hassle of finding, training and paying for one. 


You need fresh new launch ideas or if you are putting together an evergreen funnel. Also great if you are growing a team and need them ready with a plan of action.

Power Hour

I need one of those

Stop it! We can work together to solve this big hairy question and get you moving in (well) an hour!
You probably know this but the reality is that you are TOO CLOSE to the problem to see the solution. 
I can help! This power hour is built to get you so much clarity and propel your launch or finally get results with your funnel.

Need to move ahead and you are stuck trying to figure something out?


You are stuck trying to decide a thing or two to move ahead with your launch or funnel.


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