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Launch Your First Digital Workshop With a Proven System

Launch Your First Digital Workshop With a Proven System

Complete with templates and tech tutorials, you’ll finally be able to stop trading time for dollars and actually make money while you sleep.

ARE YOU tired of hearing you cost too much? GOOD NEWS…

Here’s my educated’ve likely found yourself here because you see people selling digital products and making a great living, so you’ve started to think: Why not me? (Great question, friend!)
Or perhaps you’re tired of living client to client, pouring your energy and expertise into project after project. (That’s draining, for sure!)
Or maybe, you want to create an offering that helps others while supporting your cash flow. (Especially now that the world has turned upside down!)
Either way, I’m a firm believer that workshops are the best way to get started and scale your business in the digital world.

Imagine a Business Model That Gives You More Time to Do the Things You Love

Ready for your life + business to change?

Honestly, I spent TWO years afraid of launching my own workshop, perfecting every little detail, hiring experts, changing my topic because someone else was already doing it...the list goes on. I found every reason in the book to delay, procrastinate, and doubt myself. But when I finally went live? A whole new world of opportunities opened up for me.

The reward for conquering those fears shows up in more than just your bank account.


take it from me...

Your business will always be a work in progress. So don’t stay stagnant for as long as I did. I’m here to help you get launched.

This isn’t just another course - it’s a done-for-you launch plan so you can bypass fear, handle the tech like a boss, and generate a compelling sales strategy in no time.


Workshop Launch Kit


With 4 modules worth of video content, I’ll show you how to extract your knowledge and package it up to teach others in a digital workshop format. You get my exact framework to get in done in just a few hours with a sales strategy that’s icky-free - guaranteed. 

The biggest difference between an in-person workshop and a digital one is (you guessed it)... the tech! So I’ve created full tech maps to guide you in creating and integrating all the components you need to run your workshop like a true pro. (These are a member favorite!)
It will be a breeze.

Here’s the Starter Kit Breakdown

Training Videos

Tech Maps & Tutorials

part tw0

part one

Half the headache of creating a digital product can be all the time spent researching between this strategy or that one...this tool or that one. Finally, no more guessing or trying to recycle what you see other people doing. I will show you EXACTLY how I set up my workshops and the exact systems I use to do it.   

Specific Resources

Part Three


Replace your in-person income and reach more people than ever before.

How does this sound?

Become the expert in your niche and create value on demand.



the results you're going to get:

Create a tribe of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Give the first step to become a true digital entrepreneur.


Go ahead, take a look at everything you get
with your Launch Kit....

The best time to launch is now!

If you feel anything like I did, you’re ready to take your superpower to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works and how to do it! Believe me, I get it. I’ve been a 6-figure corporate launch manager for over 10 years now, I have a snazzy MBA in Operations Management to my name, and I’ve guided a number of business owners through taking their first steps online. You’re far stronger and more capable than you’re likely giving yourself credit for. So put your worries and fears to rest because I’ve poured everything my team and I do when launching a new workshop into this kit. I’m confident you’re in the right place and that you, too, will fall in love with the process of launching!.


You're in the right place.

Hi! I'm Roberta West.

Here’s the deal, a professionally done workbook will not only increase the value of your workshop, but it will help your students to easily engage with the content. You’ll get a workbook template, plus eye-catching social media graphics to stop your students’ scroll.
No tinkering around for hours and no expensive designers needed! Simply customize to your brand and go!

Done-for-You Canva Launch Templates

canva templates

Social Graphics

Bonuses? Oh Yes!

"This is my chance to start something amazing.  I'm going for it !"

— you, today

I don't have a workshop idea yet, is it right for me?

The first 2 modules are dedicated to exploring and refining your workshop topic, offer, promise and content. So yes, come on in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tech is really hard for me, am I gonna be able to follow along?

I've got 2 strategies all mapped out for you - Easy and Pro! There is also a full tech tutorial library to troubleshoot all those pesky tech Qs!

I don't need another course, can I just get the templates?

The templates are designed to help you sell and deliver your digital workshop and they’re great...but without a great strategy and proven content they can't do their job. So no, my recommendation is to go through the process in full. 

I’ll refund you! You've got 30 days (a full month) to go through the kit, create and sell your workshop. If you’re still unhappy with it - I’ll give you your money back after a 10-minute chat about your experience. Deal?

What if I jump in and it is not what I need?

How long does it take to go through the kit?

I highly suggest you go slow and create your workshop as you go along. You have the content for life + your goal is to launch a workshop, not finish the course, right?!

I still have a question about the kit...

No problem. Email us at

Is This Right For You?

You want to make money on your own terms

You're overwhelmed by all the options out there

YOu WANT TO Be recognized as an expert in your field

You're so tired of trying to put it together by yourself

you're ready to create your first digital workshop

Stop collecting free advice and get started with your dream.

I curated everything you need to get your workshop out of your head and into the world. That said, you need to stop hiding behind piles of free stuff and you need to follow a proven process with action. You will learn a ton with this kit, but the work you put in will determine your success. So stop with the 'Im not ready' thing and jump right into this new is totally worth it! 

Let's Do This Thing!


awesome, I am in!

I completely understand that every dollar invested in your business and yourself is an important one. Which is why I want to remove any concern or risk when purchasing The Workshop Starter Kit. If you do the work and are still unsatisfied with it, I’ll fully refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Deal?

Still on the fence?

Launch Kits Co. offers a 30-Day,
100% risk-free guarantee