About Everstream

You are the expert in your field. Automating your sales, that's our expertise!

I know you are hyper-busy with work, family, life and becoming the best expert in your field. There is no reason why you should add 'mastering evergreen and sales' to this list. 
Hire our team to DFY or DWY.

We're dedicated to making business a lot easier. To help you sell courses every day so you can elevate your lifestyle.

When I learned the secrets of true evergreen programs I knew you'd want one of those as well. That's why I created Everstream.

Not going to lie, crafting a program that fills a big need in the market is tough...actually, if it was easy everybody would have one. 
There are so many details, nuances, learnings that I know you just don't have the time to focus or master. This is where the agency comes in...we do it with you or for you so you can focus on your career or business instead of worrying about one more thing. 

Scale to $100K

Your state-of-the-art program needs to be in the hands of people instead of collecting dust on your digital 'shelf'. Learn about how we can create an automated experience to turn your expertise into 24/7 impact.

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Count on me for a lot less work and a lot more time.

Having evergreen programs allows me to: have more time, space, and energy to support my students; work on new programs and offers; sit by the beach whenever the weather is perfect; train for a marathon, and close ‘shop’ every day at 3 pm to hang out with my son.
And that’s what I want for you, too: predictable revenue, time to pour into your passion projects, and a big taste of the freedom that led you to course creation in the first place. 

What I'm 


Writing content for my channel and blog, strategy chats that fire me up, podcasts, interviews and coffee chats, being able to work months at a time from Brazil.

What I'm 


How to delegate all the things that are not on my 5% zone of genius, how to use AI to be more visible and reach more people and how to paint abstract that doesn't look like a 7yo did it.

What I'm 

not about

Creating a ton of stuff just to 'test it out', following others blindly, working too much, showing off, perfectionism (I'm more about imperfect and constant action).

what I


Straight talk, foamy cappuccinos, straight to the point sales copy, data, and beautiful design that gets to the heart of your customers in a second.

Brand Partnerships 
& Collaborations

I'm 100% focused on growing a solid network this year. So if you are down for podcast interviews, summits or even strategic partnerships like service trade, funnel swap, affiliates, etc we should talk.


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Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

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