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Time To Automate Your Digital Sales  

Easy-to-implement system to sell your digital offers every day without having to work 24/7

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program breakdown:


Make the critical DECISIONS to evergreen your program like offer, pricing, funnel strategy and more. 
Map your automated evergreen experience before you start building.

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Great ROAS (return on ad spend) starts with 'training' your ads account to find the RIGHT LEAD for your offer. Most people start thinking of ads when they need them to deliver sales...that's too late! We start prepping your account from day 1.


After studying hundreds of automated digital offers, I realized that the common denominator is to PRODUCTIZE it. 
In this module, I'll share the features you must have in order to appeal to a large audience and sell more.

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There are as many 'funnels' as stars in the sky. In the program, we discuss the type of BUYING EXPERIENCES you have to create in order to sell on autopilot and how to build them. Some of the latest strategies include chat bots, case-study webinars and expert funnels. 


Automation with paid advertising is a NUMBERS GAME. Nobody can tell you what to do except your numbers. Get ready to run an extensive testing routine that will give you the answers to all our automation questions. 
Module 5: Data and Analytics

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“  If you're thinking about evergreen, just do it! Roberta truly understands the business!”

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Get your ads questions answered by a pro!

Whether you are just starting and need a little help setting up your first ads OR you've been running them for a while and need help optimizing and scaling...this is the bonus for you! Join or submit questions to our free ads clinics calls.

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What if I told you that I haven’t posted to Instagram in over a month, yet I’m still making consistent course sales in my business? 
Does it make you a little green with envy? If so, I totally understand — because I’ve been there. 
I remember the days where I would daydream about having an offer that would sell every single day, without me needing to show up.

My goal was simple: I wanted $2K/mo to cover my business expenses while I focused on creating and launching my signature offer.

5 months later, my first evergreen funnel hit $100K. (And yes, I absolutely kicked myself for not doing it sooner.)
At the time of writing this, evergreen programs have generated over a million in revenue in my business alone.

Hi, I'm roberta,
Your evergreen Mentor.

It's Not JUST About The Money...

Automated offers allow me to:

  • Have it all: corporate career, family time and a thriving business.
  • Work on new offers.
  • Sit by the beach whenever the weather is perfect.
  • Learn tennis and train for a marathon.
  • Close ‘shop’ every day at 3 pm to hang out with my son

And that’s what I want for you, too: predictable revenue, time to pour into your passion projects, and a bigger taste of the freedom that led you to digital creation in the first place. 

AUTOMATE isn’t a program where I give you a rinse-and-repeat system that worked for me.
I'll show you how to design a successful, profitable automated funnel YOUR way.

Let me Be your mentor


LEARN and IMPLEMENT at your own pace

SHort video lessons + Workbooks and templates 

BONUS Strategy & Ads CALLS

FRESH new strategies battle-tested by our agency

Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

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We spent the past 3 years working with hundreds of business owners and part timers to develop this system - and IT WORKS! 
But we want you to be totally confortable with the program as well. If the program doesn't serve you, we will refund your money within 30 days.
Just implement the priming strategy and show us the results.  

*Other Conditions May Apply 


money back guarantee

as seen in:

This      for you if:


You're an expert and have a digital program

YOu understand the value of investing in paid ads and market testing

Time is your most important resource

It's probably        for you if...


you need to make your money back asap

YOU believe that i know the 'right' funnel that you just build and works perfectly

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK, listen to the market and test your funnels weekly


Do I need to have a digital program (course, membership, group coach, etc) to join AUTOMATE?

You don't need to have the exact evergreen offer created and ready to go, but you need to have experience creating digital programs since AUTOMATE does not cover the basics of creating lessons, recording training videos, etc.

Do I need to invest in anything else?

YES!! You'll need a weekly budget for paid ads and tech. A starting budget is $100/week but you might need more depending on your ads cost.

I don’t have an audience. Can I still create an evergreen offer?

You bet. I had around 300 people on my email list when I launched my first evergreen offer, and still scaled it to 110K within 5 months! Inside AUTOMATE I’ll teach you how to find, nurture, and sell to a COLD audience (aka people who have never heard of you or your business before) using paid advertising strategies.

I need to see return right away.  Can you guarantee the automation will work?

Here is something that no one will tell you straight, funnels, money on autopilot are big testing experiments. I have studied and created those types of offers for the past 3 years and I will share my very best advice. That said, the success of your funnel is UNIQUE to you, your business and the DEMAND for your offer. 
If you need to make money fast, providing a service or 1:1 coaching typically outperform evergreen funnels. 

I'M Ready

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will

— Warren Buffett


The entire profits (loss) of my first launch


Number of times I almost quit


revenue from my $37 evergreen funnel in the first 6 mos


Number of students inside my evergreen programs