3 Easy Automations To Keep Your Customers Happy

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Wanna know my biggest dream (It might be yours too)? Wake up, press a button and voila – my whole business works completely on autopilot.

Pipe dream? Perhaps…but in the pursuit of a ‘one-button’ solution I’ve come across some pretty interesting ways to automate tasks.

Here are 3 cool and simple systems that helps me keep customer AUTOMATICALLY happy 😂

Onboard Well

Buyers-remorse start the minute someone buys from you. Leave no question unanswered with an automated email (or text) sequence.

Every time a person buys from me, they get an automated email sequence (built in Convertkit) with all the info they will need to:

  1. Get access
  2. Give the first step/get results
  3. Keep the momentum
  4. Get the next steps

Some of my onboarding (or welcome) sequences can be 30-day long with 10+ emails.

Here is a snapshot of the AUTOMATE program (former Straight To Evergreen) welcome sequence.

Intentional Auto-Replies

If you have a ‘support’ email, you should have the most common questions listed right there.

On my autoresponder I always list:

  • Thank You note + assure that ‘we got their email’
  • Business response time (1 workday)
  • Links to log in to programs
  • Instructions to reset password
  • Links to the latest promotion or content to give them something to ‘read’ while they wait 🙂

Chat Widgets

WarmWelcome has been a great way to support our leads and has replaced the ‘book a call’ almost entirely. Huge time and hassle saving.

With WarmWelcome you can record a quick video and have a direct line to message your team. We get notified right away and anybody can respond with a text, voice or video message!

Here is how it looks like on my page:

Automating your customer interactions is not that hard with ConvertKit, Gmail & WarmWelcome but the benefits don’t stop there…

  • Nip ‘buyers-remorse’ in the bud
  • Reduce refunds
  • Help customers get better results
  • Increase sales with on-demand support
  • Avoid burnout and task shuffling (that’s for you solopreneurs and part-timers!)

Trust me, nothing kills the enthusiasm for your business like a bunch of customer support emails first thing in the morning (I’ve been there!).

So take a couple of hours this week to build this auto support system…They will thank you instead!


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