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Read Time: 5 min / Time to Implement the System: 1 week

Hey busy people…Have you ever started a podcast, youtube, newsletter just to ‘fizzle out’ after a few weeks? 🙋🏻

Some people love spending hours creating content for the sake of doing it…but for the rest of us, we need to see some results before committing a ton of time and focus into content creation week after week 🙂

I spend well over 5 hours writing a newsletter like this one – yes, I’m slow, but here is a little math you can apply to your own content creation timeframe…

5 hours to write + 2hrs for graphics x 52 weeks = 364 hours writing content a year!!!

No wonder you don’t ‘feel like doing it’ …your mind actually knows math and it is telling you it sucks! 
That’s why I’m always looking for ways to extend the shelf life of my posts and even Youtube videos…


Create Evergreen Content

I’d love to write more about how to enjoy the holidays as an entrepreneur, or how to fall in love with your business this Valentine’s Day, maybe a wrap up of my favorite paper planner…

With my limited time, I prioritize content that is evergreen to my business. Great evergreen content has 2 main focuses:

  1. SALES: Not every piece of content needs to have a ‘buy button’ on it, but evergreen content means it talks about your offers or your area of expertise more directly than a random post or something you create to ‘go viral’.
  2. WORTH 365: Your content should be relevant at least to the next year of your business and not be ‘seasonal'. That means, it speaks to your main expertise and offers for the foreseeable future and helps people move along in their journey any time they come across it.

Mini Takeaways

Only a very small percentage of people will actually listen to your ENTIRE podcast episode, read your full blog or email…so make it easy for your audience to consume in small chunks.

In this post for example, I have 3 mini takeaways:

  1. If you don’t have a lot of time to write content, prioritize evergreen: directly relates to your offers and it’s relevant for the next 365 days.
  2. ‘Re-promote’ your content on social media with a 4-week promo pack
  3. Spend $5/day to promote your content to new audiences completely on autopilot

In addition to giving ‘small bites’, you attract more people. For example, some people might be interested in paid ads, while others might be curious about how to promote the same content on social media and so on.

By showcasing different aspects or takeaways, you’ll attract more people to your content.

4-Week Promo Pack

Now, for the real magic… The ‘promo pack’ are the posts that will invite people to READ the full blog, WATCH the video or LISTEN to the podcast.

Once you have your evergreen content and your mini-takeaways, you will create 4 or more social posts to promote your content.

You can use a mix of formats (short video, carousel, threads, etc) and mini takeaways to create your promo posts OR stick to one format and share one takeaway in each.

Some examples:
Post 1:
 Blog Cover Graphic – Main post title
Post 2: Carousel – Mini Takeaways
Post 3: Quote about how much time you’ll spend writing content in an year
Post 4: Short Video – 3 Ways To Make Your Content Last All Month (+ bonus tip in the captions)
Post 5 – 10: discussion threads about the content

Once your posts are created, schedule them for the next few weeks on different days: Post 1 goes live with the piece of content (wednesday for example), Post 2 the following week on Thursday and so on. That way you are always inviting people to check out your content on autopilot.

Pro-tip: Create post templates so you can easily create those pieces or delegate to an assistant/social media manager. This is the critical action to create a content evergreen process but you will likely be ‘out-of-time’ after focusing on your main content 🙂 automate as much as possible.

Reach More People With Ads

Posting about the same content every week will take care of promoting to your audience, but unless Instagram™ decides to promote your content to new people…you will have to get in front of new audiences on your own.

The way I like to show my content to new people is through a $5/day evergreen ads campaign. Once you set up the campaign and ad set, you just add new promo content as ads under the same campaign when available.

Since you already created the graphics, videos and copy (for social media posts)… creating the ads and updating the campaign can be done in less than 30 min every time you create new content.

and that’s how you can leverage 5 hours of content creation into a 24/7 promo machine that brings thousands of fresh new eyes to your content a year.

Wouldn't you be excited to write for 5 hours if you know that it will last for an year??? 🙂


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