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Wanna Put your Program in Evergreen?👇🏻


Design a business  that works while you            


Straight to Evergreen coaches you on how to design and sell an irresistible offer on autopilot, so you can serve more people and accelerate your revenue without having to show up and sell every single day.

If you're exhausted of being “on” all the time to sell your offers, you’re in the right place.


But only when you discover how to make them work for you.


Evergreening your course

A sequence of steps that make it incredibly easy for your ideal student to buy your course when they need it most. (Yeah, it’s really that simple.)


Evergreening your course



Let's clear this up...

The type of funnel IS NOT  what matters 🤯 Creating an OFFER FOR EVERGREEN is...

Maybe that course you bought about live launching included a module on evergreen funnels…

Or maybe you’ve skim-read your way through a handful of blog posts and PDFs on the topic…

Either way, I’m willing to bet you’ve already noticed the common thread:
Most people teaching evergreen strategies preach a single, “proven” framework. 

And while that framework may have worked for them (and dozens or even hundreds of their students), there’s no guarantee that it will work for you.

Here’s what most evergreen funnel programs get wrong

spoiler alert

am i ready to evergreen my course?

you might be wondering... 

let me show you how to find the right evergreen funnel for


'Do you want to know the real secret to creating a “unicorn” evergreen funnel?


Your ticket to accelerated growth, next-level reach, and reliable income isn’t tied to any one framework. 

And that’s because a high-earning funnel has more to do with WHAT YOU SELL THAN THE TYPE of funnel you use (webinar, SLO, etc).

Long story short? If your offer doesn’t have that built-in, “I’ve-gotta-have-it-now” urgency, it’s never going to be evergreen ready.

Let's create your unicorn funnel together

An Offer That Sells Itself

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can take your existing course and turn it into a “funnel” by setting up some automations, creating a few ads, and watching the cash roll in.

But an offer that’s been DESIGNED FOR LIVE LAUNCHING isn’t always suitable for an evergreen model.

That’s why, before you consider frameworks and methods, you need to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes that will give your course the “evergreen ready” label.


be bold!

A Way to Get in Front of the Right People at the Right Time

Forget everything that live launching taught you about growing your list or constantly creating new content. When selling your course on evergreen, you don’t need a huge audience — you just need to get the right message in front of the right buyers at the right time. 

By leveraging paid advertising, you can attract, nurture, and sell to ideal students any time, any day, anywhere.

And by learning the easy way to prime and test your ads, you can stop forcing yourself to show up on social media every day and take back control of your precious time.


A Proven, Step-by-Step Plan that Shows You How to Do It All

Maintaining your evergreen funnel once it’s converting is a total breeze, but getting there involves a TON of work, and knowing where to start is often the hardest part. 

Imagine knowing exactly which steps to follow to create, test, and sell your evergreen offer. From must-have tech to learning exactly how to warm up and sell to your leads.

You deserve more than an “ideal” framework. You deserve a concrete plan that’s proven to WORK yet FLEXIBLE enough to adapt to your business, your goals, and your offer. 


You Don’t Need a Cookie-Cutter Approach to Evergreening Your Course

in other words...

When it comes to creating an evergreen offer that makes you money while you sleep, what you really need is:

And That's Exactly What You'll Find Inside This Program....

The only program that teaches you how to design and sell an offer on autopilot without forcing you to live launch first or commit to some one-size-fits-all strategy.

STraight to evergreen


Stop spending hours in front of the camera or designing graphics in Canva each week just to get your offers noticed

Leave that dreaded, draining live launch cycle behind once and for all, without sacrificing revenue

Serve your students when they need your help the most, instead of hoping they’ll stick around until you’re ready to “open cart” again

Give yourself more freedom to serve your clients, work on other offers, or simply enjoy your life outside your home office

Get off the ‘feast and famine’ rollercoaster with a proven method to generate predictable, recurring revenue each month

say no more - i'm in!

If you hate feeling like you always need to be “on” to sell your offers, you’re in exactly the right place.

With Straight to Evergreen, you’re going to:

Have an offer that you can sell every single day, even if you don’t touch your phone or keyboard

I spent over $20K on programs that didn’t work (for me)

There are plenty of fantastic evergreen funnels and experts out there that are delivering real results for their students. Heck, I invested in a few such programs myself. But I quickly realized that this “tried-and-tested” method hadn’t actually been tested for my business… and that was a BIG problem.

I implemented practically nothing from the programs and instead built my own six-figure evergreen funnel on the back of trial and error, real data, and figuring things out on my own.


Every strategy out there works!
but maybe not for you....

That’s the Glaring Problem with the Industry Standard...

When it comes to evergreen funnels, we’re expected to marry ourselves to a framework right away. 

As savvy entrepreneurs, we’re used to making data-informed decisions and testing things out before we go all in. So why are we expected to commit to an SLO funnel, a pre-recorded webinar, or a rinse-and-repeat challenge before we test whether it works for our BUSINESS? OFFER? AUDIENCE?
It’s time to do things differently, don’t you think?

We’ll take your existing courses and/or product ideas and ADAPT them until we’re sure they meet the criteria for an evergreen-ready offer.

Look at Your Business Holistically






We’re all about that data in this program, which is why we’ll test, test, test until we’ve found the offer that makes your audience say “I’ve gotta have that, NOW!” 

You Can't Patch a Broken Offer






Once we’ve found your unicorn offer, we’ll focus on finding the right AUDIENCE and create a paid traffic strategy that gets your offer in front of them when they need it most 

Let's Give Them a Way to Buy It






Now that we know we’ve got something that truly works, we’ll turn to proven funnel frameworks (including SLO funnels and webinars) to find your perfect-fit strategy

Time To Create a Winning Funnel






We don’t stop once you’re making money. I’ll show you exactly what data to look at so you can constantly improve your funnel, generate a greater ROI, and truly passively scale your business

Speed Up the 'Machine'






Here's How We're Going to Do It

The FrAmework

In this program, you’ll learn everything you could possibly need to know to identify, test, and launch your evergreen funnel. 

Here are just some of the things that we cover inside:
       Creating a vision for your evergreen funnel that perfectly matches and supports your business goals
       Designing an evergreen-ready offer by identifying what your specific audience needs here and now
       Testing your offer and analyzing the results, so you can be sure that your offer WILL sell on evergreen (before you put all that time and money into creating your funnel)
       Priming and creating an audience using paid traffic best-practices that are specific to evergreen selling
       Choosing the right funnel for your business, offer, and audience
       Assembling your funnel, including all of the tech and tracking to ensure you can test things as you grow
       Turning on your funnel and knowing exactly what data to look at so you can improve and scale your offer over time 

($1997 Value)

Straight to Evergreen Program

THE Protocols

Another benefit of learning from someone who’s been there, done that? You get access to all of the plans, templates, and tools I’ve used to create, launch and maintain my funnels. These tools will help you get your own evergreen funnel up and running faster than ever.

Here are just some of the tools you’ll get access to inside of Straight to Evergreen:
          Evergreen Launch Plan Template
          Step-by-Step Testing Protocols
          Hot Funnel Templates for course creators

($997 Value)

Swipe My Templates and

Those Core Training Alone Are Enough to Transform Your Business Over the Next Month...
But I’m Adding Even More Fuel to the Fire With More Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus One!

SLO Funnel Workshop

If you know about me, chances are it is because you saw my Launch Plan in a Day program! And if you think you might use that strategy in your business to stack funnels - come on in!
This workshop is included so you can go discover what it takes to create an SLO funnel that stands the test of the algorithm

($597 value)


Bonus Two!


Ads That Convert

Ads That Convert Workshop

Learn the principles of creating ads campaigns that sell while you sleep! Peek behind my shoulder on how to find the right graphics, the type of ads you need to run first and the copy that really makes people get in action!

($997 value)

A year from now you'll wish you had started today....

create a program that sells on autopilot

This extra special package (and price) only lasts until we put the finishing touches...

the sooner you get your program in evergreen, the sooner you'll start selling it 😉

limited time offer

Don't wait...
get the presale price!

I'm ready to invest on my evergreen stream

Try Straight to Evergreen for 7 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I’ve created Straight to Evergreen to give you all the tools and support you could possibly need to create your evergreen funnel in 6 months or less.

In fact, I’m so confident that it will help you create an offer that effortlessly sells on autopilot that I’m backing it with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

Try Straight to Evergreen for 7 days and if you don’t feel like it’s the perfect fit for you, we’ll refund your investment in full.

money back guarantee


More good news!

This program is the only one of its kind because...

it doesn't shove a process down your throat

I have 2 big rules around here...YOU are the expert and know what's best for your students (I'm here to support you!)

and learning 'HOW TO FISH' is more valuable than just a funnel style that is gonna work for a hot minute.

I'll guide you through the process of creating a successful evergreen course and then scaling it but you are in control of how.

and we'll talk only about evergreen things

Have you joined a program or membership only to be sitting through a plethora of totally 'irrelevant' questions from people doing all the things?! 
You + me + your peers are 100% focused on creating an evergreen stream so we can support each other in a much more effective way.

Create a funnel that works while you take a vacation, play with your kids or go for a run.

Predict how much money you will make every month without the 'feast & famine' rollercoaster.

Be able to focus on the next offer in your 'Ascension Path' and not just the next sale

Crush the mindset blocks that keep telling you that business needs to be hard 

Serve the people who NEED and WANT your offer WHEN they want

Create a replicable process that you can use again and again in your business

By the end of 'Straight to evergreen, you will...

say no more! I'm in

What if I told you that I haven’t posted to Instagram in over a month, yet I’m still making consistent course sales in my business? 
Does it make you a little green with envy? If so, I totally understand — because I’ve been there. 
I remember the days where I would daydream about having an offer that would sell every single day, without me needing to show up. (Working in my PJs is my love language, after all.)
My goal was simple: I wanted to generate $2K per month to cover my business expenses while I focused on creating and launching my signature offer.
5 months later, my first evergreen funnel hit $100K. (And yes, I absolutely kicked myself for not doing it sooner.)
At the time of writing this, I’m in the midst of perfecting my second evergreen funnel, which generated over $40K in the testing phase alone. 

Hi, I'm roberta.
Your future
evergreen coach.

But Is Not JUST About The Money...

While the predictable and consistent revenue is undeniably amazing, creating my evergreen offers has also allowed me to:
   - Have more time, space, and energy to support my students
   - Work on new things (like this program!)
   - Sit by the beach whenever the weather is perfect
   - Train for a marathon, and 
   - Close ‘shop’ every day at 3 pm to hang out with my son
And that’s what I want for you, too: predictable revenue, time to pour into your passion projects, and a bigger taste of the freedom that led you to course creation in the first place. 
Straight to Evergreen isn’t a program where I give you a rinse-and-repeat system that worked for me. Instead, I’m going to show you how to design a successful, profitable evergreen funnel YOUR way.

Are you ready to take that journey with me?

Let me Be your mentor


The entire profits (loss) of my first launch


Number of times I wanted to quit


revenue from my $37 evergreen funnel in the first 6 mos


Number of students inside my evergreen program

This isn’t a SLO course

Don’t get me wrong; you’re going to learn about SLO funnels inside of Straight to Evergreen. I’ve built a successful SLO funnel myself, and it would be silly for me not to pass on my knowledge and experience. 

But I’m not here to show you what worked for me. I’m here to show you “how to fish”, so you can achieve next-level results your way.

Straight to Evergreen is all about discovering and designing the right funnel for YOU. Which is why we start with your offer and your audience — not any one particular framework.

If you want to learn about SLO funnels, you know I’ve got you covered. But Straight to Evergreen is for digital creators who are excited by the idea of testing things out and discovering their own ‘Goldilocks’ strategy.

Let's address the elephant in the room

This      for you if:

You'RE a digital creator and have created offers before (we don't cover the basics!)

You’ve never sold an online course or digital product before

You have an open mind and are excited about thinking outside the box when it comes to testing different evergreen methods

You’re 100% committed to implementing a specific evergreen funnel framework or method (e.g. webinars or SLO funnel) and unwilling to listen to the data

You like to test things out, experiment, and make data-informed decisions

It's probably        for you if...


You tend to wait until things are perfect before taking action, and are adverse to testing things out or doing things “imperfectly”


You love the idea of serving your students when they need and are looking for your solutions, not just when you’re ready to launch

You’re ready to get off the hamster wheel of content creation by creating an offer that sells without you having to show up day in, day out

You don’t have the time to commit over the next 6 months to get your evergreen offer and funnel up and running

Straight to evergreen is for me!

I don't have a business or a course yet...am I ready for Straight to Evergreen?

This is an 'intermediate level’ program and you need to know how to create online offers if you want to get up to speed and take action quickly. You don't need to have a successful course, but we are not covering the ins and outs of recording, creating a landing page, setting up a lead magnet, etc. 
If you have ZERO experience online, I recommend a more foundational program like Digital Course Academy or Business By Design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live launch my evergreen offer first?

Absolutely not! The answer is really in the name of this program. My goal is to help you create an offer and send it ‘Straight to Evergreen’ — no live launch necessary. 

What if I’ve already launched an offer and now I want to evergreen it? 

That’s great! If you’ve already launched your offer, then it’s already tested. This means you might be able to bypass some of the testing inside of the program. 
However, it will still be super important to assess your existing offer and make sure that it’s a good fit for an evergreen model. You’ll learn exactly how to do that with Straight to Evergreen, and I’m here to guide you along the way.
Don’t worry — you won’t have to start from scratch! It’s all about ensuring your funnel is as successful as possible.

I don’t have much of an audience. Can I still create an evergreen offer?

You bet. I had around 300 people on my email list when I launched my first evergreen offer, and still scaled it to 110K within 5 months!
Inside Straight to Evergreen, I’ll teach you how to find, nurture, and sell to a COLD audience (aka people who have never heard of you or your business before) using paid advertising strategies.

Do I need to know about Facebook ads?

Yes, you must have some basic knowledge of Facebook Ads before joining Straight to Evergreen. At a minimum, you should know how to navigate the Facebook Ads dashboard.
Ads are truly one of the cornerstones of this program, and I will teach you how to make them work from an evergreen perspective. However, I won’t teach you how to set up an ad campaign from scratch.

What happens after the coaching sessions are over?

Six months is more than enough time to go through all of the testing phases, get some things wrong, reassess, and get your profitable funnel up and running — as long as you’re prepared to take action right away! 
Just before the six months are over, we’ll encourage you to download any tools or training materials that you’d like to keep moving forward. It’s yours to keep, forever! Then, at the six-month mark, we’ll remove your access to the program and Facebook group. This allows us to keep our cohort small (so you get more 1:1 feedback) and to hold you accountable to get your funnel launched within the six-month period.

Are there any additional costs?

It’s important to also set aside a budget to test, validate, and launch your evergreen funnel. I recommend $500 a year per tech, plus a minimum of $500 for ads. 
While this investment may seem high right now, a great evergreen funnel can give you a return on your investment within a month or less. In other words, it’s totally worth it!

start working on your funnel immediately

templates and processes done for you

evergreen-focused community

proven roadmap to test and launch a winning funnel

Email Me

No more live launching, if it isn’t your thing.
No more constantly showing up on social media just to sell your offers. 

In 6 months or less, you could have an offer that’s generating revenue for you every single day (yep, without being tied to your keyboard and screens).

Selling on evergreen isn’t some course creator fantasy. It’s your future. Let me show you how it’s done.

But if you still have questions...let's chat!