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If I had to pick one reason why I’m not further ahead in my digital marketing course business, it would be IMPATIENCE.

I have a million ideas a day and I expect them to work right away or I’ll move on to the next one. 

Silly isn’t it? But the big question is ‘Why can't I stop it?’

Before you get all excited, I don’t know why or how 😂 (ok, that’s shaping up to be a great post)

But when Amy talked about the commitment that it takes to grow a big digital course business, something changed for me and it stuck.

She is so good, she should be a mindset coach for entrepreneurs 🙂

Trying to reinvent my courses has kept me from growing it further and I don’t want that to be your story so I’m sharing some of the takeaways from my chat with Amy Porterfield. 

⚠️ Wanna watch the full 13 min? Here’s the link!

The Skills You Need to Build a Successful Course Business

Amy Porterfield has taught people how to create successful digital courses for over 10 years now. So when she tells you to do something, you should truly consider. 

Stay Focused & Committed (for a long time)

When she said ‘What slows down your progress is always starting from scratch’ I thought to myself

😆 how does she know??? 

I’m the queen of starting from scratch and chasing shiny objects – that’s no more!

After the interview, I recommitted to my digital marketing course suite (all in evergreen obvi) and focused on optimizing what I already have. 

Your turn:  A practical advice she had was to after the first launch, go back and ask yourself ‘how can I make this better?’

⚠️Caution here! We are not talking about repeating mistakes or keep doing something that doesn’t work. If you create a course that didn’t sell at all, you have to rethink it. If you run out of money, you gotta make big chances. 

I tend to get either upset or super excited (the highs are chaotic and the lows are tough) after I launch something. It is easy to forget that it is just part of the journey.

 Staying focused and committed through those high and lows is what differentiates the big players from the stuck beginners.

Get Uncomfortable

I hate live webinars! Oh, did I just say it out loud?? 

That’s probably why I learned to sell through evergreen funnels 🎉

Truth is, my best course ideas happened while running live challenges. I might be missing out by not live launching anymore by sheer fear of being uncomfortable (and tech issues, nobody shows up, etc)

When Amy said that she can barely recognize herself after a launch because she’s grown so much, I got chills! 

Selling, showing up online, making offers (and getting ‘no’s) might all be new and uncomfortable to you…but that’s what’s required if you want a digital business as a source of income. 

Instead of avoiding it, look for ways that you can get extremely uncomfortable.  

Create a Roadmap & Give Results

The days of Covid digital fever are gone, the whole online space is going through a readjustment. The amateurs are fizzling out while the pros are reaching new levels of success.

Amy’s been an educator in the online space for over 10 years, so I asked what we need to be in this ‘pro’ category…her answer was no surprise. 

Focus on giving people results! 

People need courses to speed up their results, so that’s your one job as an online educator (course creator or whatever you wanna call yourself). 

It is easy to get caught up in deciding what tech to use, how to record the lessons, and all the hundreds of tasks to create a course….but you have 1 job especially at the early stages:

Create the roadmap that people will follow to get the results you are promising with your course.

Yes, the roadmap usually translates into the modules and lessons but it goes deeper than that. 

It is mining through all your experiences and getting to the root of what made you successful in the first place and then thinking about how to teach others to do the same.

Here is my customer journey plan to give the end result:

How to create a digital marketing course

Honestly, this is the best interview I’ve done – so if you have a few minutes I highly recommend watching it. (I know your time is limited so we edited to keep just the most important parts)

Your commitment partner,


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