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I talk about ways busy people can create impact (and multi-income) with automatic digital products.

Evergreen Courses

Evergreen Courses

About My Audience

My students and readers are busy solopreneurs or part time business owners creating multi-income with automated offers.

  • Men and Women age 30+
  • prefer actionable, expert content
  • respond to polished design
  • Avid learners and Self-improvers
  • always searching for the best tool and tricks to do more in less time

There are tons of guest speakers out there. Here's what makes me different:

I've worked with digital marketing for years and have no plans of stopping. Interviews I gave 4 years ago are still relevant and bring traffic everyday to both partners.

I work with a team of editors to create short video and ads to promote every speaking engagement so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting.

While I'd like to make the content accessible and fun, I don't shy away from sharing real, tested, expert advice with your audience. I also customize the topics to their needs.


My specialty when it comes to creating engaging presentations is to always tailor to the audience's needs. Here are some FAQs:

Q. Where do you promote the interview?

I promote the interview on my Youtube channel, newsletter, blog and all social media channels. 
On top of promotion during the 'go-live' week I also run paid engagement ads for at least a month after.

Q. What kinds of content do you deliver? 

I focus in delivering expert content presentations. We can decide on an informal 'chat' or have a proper course-style presentation given exclusively to your audience. I have also created UGC short videos for some of my favorite tools out there.

Absolutely! While I'll ask you to keep my website and other links available on your content description/show notes...I give you the right to use my image for ads to promote the content itself. 
If you need content for testimonials or other sales ads, we can add to the contract.

Q. Can we white label for ads?

ZERO! Having me on any virtual event has zero costs to you. 
For In-person events flights and hotels need to be covered by you and speaking fees may apply.
Custom training material to add to your paid programs may require a fee as well. 

Q. How much do you charge?


Let’s Collaborate

Let me help your audience get more time back into their lives with automations that work. Send me a note with your thoughts for the presentation and we will get going on the next steps.

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