Hey there…we are Skylar Sloan + Roberta West (aka S+W).

Welcome to the brand daily!

You can totally say we are learning addicts, total suckers for pretty branding and unapologetic (double) cappucino fanatics.

About Skylar: On my day job I manage million-dollar projects and here I put my creative hat to dig into every cool course, retreat, book or brand out there. Afterall, you can't give advice without going through it yourself, right?

About Roberta: I also come from a corporate background and have been living as a ‘left brain creative' for the past year. I spend my days creating visual content for creatives in the wedding industry and taking care of my super cute and little crazy busy toddler – Warren + hubby Josh in not so sunny Boston. I am originally from Brazil and might venture into some Portuguese blogging in those pages – maybe!

We test #allthethings posted in those pages and you can ask us anything. We want you to create your own roadmap to a brilliant brand with confidence. Pick and choose what works for you, your budget and your life from a place of clarity and calm – not frazzled over a little clock on the screen.

We hope this blog inspires you to learn and grow a beautiful brand.

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