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Rmntcst series is the perfect opportunity for photographers who mastered their technical skills and are looking to expand their destination portfolio. The Romanticist Studios + local creative team will design, source and style a full wedding inspiration shoot for you and a very small group of attendees in pre-set locations. 

You will experience working abroad without the cost and time of creating a custom photoshoot yourself. More than just styling, we will be sharing our best insights on working with a local team, destination wedding logistics, permits, taxes and all other topics you need to experience before booking destination weddings.

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Is IT a workshop?

No. Despite that we will share a good deal about working abroad, international logistics, team building and styling, we are not creating any learning material or training. 



I am starting in wedding photography. are the studies for me?

We believe the studies are better suited for more ‘seasoned' professionals. It is an opportunity for photographers to build a destination portolio once they have already mastered their photography skills and have attended photography workshops, etc. Less experienced photographers are welcome to practice and join in for the group shoots.

do I own the images i shoot?

Absolutely yes! You own the images and can use them for social media, blogging, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, printed material and etc. We only reserve the rights of first publication submission to the PUBLISHABLE PACKAGES.


WHAT is the “publishable SHoot”?

The publishable shoot package was created to enhance chances of publication and shoot fit to your aesthetic and brand goals. There is only ONE spot at each of our study days. This package includes design meetings with The Romanticist Studios and we follow the same process we created for custom shoots. Major blogs and publications require the content to be original, so this is the opportunity to submit the full content to a publication of your choice. 

how many attendees per session?

No more than 4 total (3 for the regular package + 1 for the publishable shoot) despite that we will reduce the number of attendees even further if possible. 

what is the style of each shoot? Is it an original design?

Each day of shooting has its own style and special touches to offer you the best chances of publication. The design is heavily influenced by the location and the colors around us. The ‘Publishable Shoot' photographer also participates in some of the design decisions. 

Even if shoots occur at the same location we will create a completely different theme for you. To have an idea of the style and what to expect, please refer to our portfolio

can i receive your design plans? can i select the shoot based on the design?

Only confirmed attendees will receive the design plans, usually a few weeks before the actual shoot. While we will communicate extensively about the main decisions, the smaller pieces come together in the final 2-3 weeks.

We encourage you to contact us for up to date design choices and specifics as they might be available at the time you purchase. Nonetheless, we will not release design plans to prospective photographers.

and if I don't like the shoot, can I get my money back?

We want you to love everything created and all photos should be a true representation of your work. Since we work with very small groups, we will be in constant communication with you to avoid any major surprises.

While we are not able to refund you due to size of our groups, we are happy to try to add you to another group in the same location or to a different one in the same trip (for example in May we are going to be in Paris and Provence!), space permitting.


ARE WE going to shoot outdoors?

Absolutely yes – WEATHER PERMITTING! We understand that part of the allure of Paris is to shoot around the Eiffel Tower and Provence is absolutely gorgeous when the fields are blooming. That said, we can't control the weather and it might be unfeasible for us to go. 

We will plan a full itinerary for outdoor shooting and have the models, florals, dress, umbrellas all ready to go…fingers crossed!

what is the style of the shoots?

The design will be heavily inspired by the location. For instance, the Paris shoots will have a much more traditional, refined feel than the ones in Provence (organic and carefree). That said, the main purpose of the studies is to create a MARKETABLE portfolio and in general lines we will create scenes that appeal to most destination brides.

You can also look at The Romanticist Studios portfolio and published work for reference: we love fresh, feminine, timeless and authentic designs. Our favorite locations are beautiful natural sites, lush gardens, romantic chateaus and historic sites.  

is my room and travel expenses included in the price?

No. The fee covers your participation on the styled shoot, breakfast and light refreshments thorughout the day. 

While we will offer full support for your bookings, including room group rates at the location, group rates for transportation, etc,  we understand our attendees have different schedules and prefereces for their time abroad. 



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