Turn your Service into a Profitable Mini-Course with Done-For-You Kits!

Sound too good to be true?
Coming from someone who’s done it - it’s not! Creating a workshop (aka mini course) changed my life and now I want to help change yours...

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Whether you know it or not yet, there’s a digital version of your service ready to be packaged up and shared with the people who need it most. Now you can get everything you need to get it done in one digital kit.

All-in-One Launch Kits to Turn your Service into a Digital Money Maker

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It’s hard to take the first step if you’re unclear on how you’re getting to the finish line. With this roadmap, you’ll get a detailed overview of the path ahead of you so you can proceed with confidence.


Not sure where to start? Looking for the best course or membership host? How about copy and photos? Anything from paper to courses, I have a (honest) opinion for you.


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Get actionable tips and tricks to master digital launches with new videos dropping weekly. This is your go-to for product creation, launch planning, and strengthening your mindset.

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“I have lots of good ideas but I need to take the next step and implement them. The Launch Kit gives me the step-by-step direction I need to finally do it!”



I’m Roberta, your partner in launching!

I’m a 6-figure corporate launch manager, home-school teacher in training (thanks COVID!) and workshop launch strategist here to guide service-based business owners like you how to launch your first workshop online. Can I offer you a (virtual) cappuccino?


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Transform Your Service Into a Profitable Workshop


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I am a HUGE course taker and I learned a thing or two about picking the right course and the right educator for every stage of my business.
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I love ads! Chances are you are here today because of one of them. 
When I joined Salome's membership last year I learned how to find the right people for my stuff and it was magical!

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Writing promo emails sucks! There, I said it...and copywriters know this, so they charge you a million bucks for custom. If you are just starting out, suck it up and get a good course to help you write emails that sell.

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