50 Funnels To Sell Your Course

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Selling evergreen courses without a funnel is like fishing without bait. You might catch something, but you're making it way harder on yourself. 

Using a funnel just makes the whole process smoother and more successful. 

The specifics of how each funnel is structured and what tactics are employed can vary greatly based on the intended audience, the industry, and the specific objectives of the campaign.

Ok, but why do you need a funnel to sell online courses?

  • Grow Your Email List On Autopilot: If you are tired of posting on social media and still have a few doze people in your list, having a lead funnel can help bring the right people into your world faster. 
  • Reach More People: Think of the top of the funnel as casting a big net. You're trying to get as many folks as possible to notice your course.
  • Sort Out Your Crowd: Not everyone's gonna want to buy right away. Some might just be window-shopping, while others are ready to dive in. Funnels help you figure out who's who.
  • Gain Their Trust: Let's be real. People are wary of getting scammed online. So, before they buy your course, they need to trust you. By giving out freebies or showing reviews, you're basically saying, “Hey, I'm legit!”
  • Show ‘Em What’s Up: Before someone drops their cash, they wanna know what they're getting. You can use funnels to give them a sneak peek or a taste of what's in store.
  • Sell ‘Em More Stuff: Once someone's interested or buys something, why not show them other cool stuff you offer? That's upselling.
  • Catch The Ones That Got Away: Just 'cause someone clicked away doesn't mean they're gone for good. Funnels help you remind them, “Hey, remember that course you were checking out?”
  • Keep Your Vibe Consistent: With a funnel, you’re making sure you're not sending mixed messages. Everyone gets the same, clear message about your course.
  • See What’s Working (or Not): Funnels let you peek into what's going on. Like, are people digging your course intro? Or are they bouncing before checking out? This helps you know where to fix things up.
  • Set It and (Almost) Forget It: Once your funnel's up and running, it does most of the heavy lifting. It's like having a virtual salesperson who never sleeps.
  • Keep Making It Better: Over time, as you see how things are going, you can tweak your funnel to make it even better and sell more courses.

Cool, right? 😎so let’s go through the list of funnels you can try


Lead Generation Funnel: Captures the contact information of prospects for future marketing efforts. Generally by offering a free lead magnet.

Sales Funnel: Drives sales directly, often involving stages like awareness, interest, decision, and action.

** Webinar Funnel: Engages leads through a live or pre-recorded webinar, typically ending with a pitch or offer. Best for courses and digital products priced between$197 to $2000.

** Evergreen Webinar Funnel: Features pre-recorded webinars that are always available and are used to attract and educate leads. 

Product Launch Funnel: Creates anticipation and demand for a new product.

Membership Funnel: Encourages sign-ups for subscription services or memberships.

Free Trial Funnel: Offers a free trial of a product or service to eventually convert trial users into paying customers.

Content Funnel: Uses value-driven content, like blogs or videos, to engage users and guide them towards a particular action.

Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Encourages sign-ups or sales through affiliate links.

** Upsell/Downsell Funnel: Presents additional offers or alternatives to customers after an initial purchase. Best for a series of courses that don’t depend on each other for the result, but can be enhanced if purchased together (check out SLOs)

Survey Funnel: Uses a questionnaire to segment visitors for more tailored marketing efforts.

Challenge Funnel: Offers a free challenge, often daily tasks over a set period, to engage and eventually upsell participants.

Viral Share Funnel: Encourages sharing and referrals by offering incentives or rewards.

High-Ticket Sales Funnel: Drives sales for high-priced products or services, often incorporating live sales calls.

Event Funnel: Promotes and sells tickets for live events.

Booking Funnel: Encourages users to book appointments, consultations, or reservations.

E-commerce Funnel: Guides online shoppers from product discovery to purchase.

Application Funnel: Targets high-quality leads by having them apply for a particular offer or service.

Quiz Funnel: Engages visitors with a quiz and provides results, often in exchange for contact information or paired with a relevant offer.

Mini Course Funnel: Offers a small, free course to provide value and attract leads for a more comprehensive, paid course or membership..

Affinity Funnel: Uses targeted content or offers based on what you know about the visitor (e.g., past behaviors, location, preferences).

** Retargeting Funnel: Targets individuals who've interacted with a brand before, using ads to bring them back.

Squeeze Page Funnel: A simple funnel often consisting of just one page, aimed at capturing email addresses.

Bridge Funnel: Connects two different, but related, offers or products to guide a prospect from one to the next.

** Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO) Funnel: Features a break-even product sold to acquire customers and upsell them later. Can be combined with upsells/downsells in the same funnel.

B2B Sales Funnel: Tailored for business-to-business sales, focusing on leads, proposals, and negotiations.

Community Building Funnel: Aims to foster a sense of community, typically leading to a membership or group sign-up.

Contest Funnel: Utilizes contests or giveaways to capture data or encourage user actions.

Demo or Open House Funnel: Offers product or service demonstrations to entice leads towards a purchase.

Live Stream Funnel: Uses live streaming events to engage audiences and drive actions during or after the stream.

Video Series Funnel: Offers a series of videos, often leading to an offer at the end.

Affirmation Funnel: Targets people after they've completed a specific action, affirming their decision and potentially upselling them.

Summit Funnel: Online events or conferences that bring together multiple experts, often leading to a pitch at the end.

Local Business Funnel: Specifically tailored for local businesses, focusing on local search and engagements.

Cancellation Funnel: Targets users attempting to cancel a service or subscription, aiming to retain them or gather feedback.

Reactivation Funnel: Engages past customers who haven't been active in a while, aiming to rekindle their interest.

** Tripwire Funnel: Presents a low-cost or free offer (lead magnet) to acquire customers and leads and then introduces higher-priced items usually on the ‘thank you page’.

Value Ladder Funnel: Gradually introduces users to more valuable and expensive offers as they continue their journey.

Milestone Funnel: Rewards users when they reach certain milestones or achievements, fostering loyalty and encouraging further action.

Flash Sale Funnel: Offers products or services at a discount for a very limited time to create urgency.

** Waitlist Funnel: Builds anticipation for an upcoming product or service by allowing users to join a waitlist.

Comparison Funnel: Compares different products or services, guiding the user to make a choice.

FAQ Funnel: Uses frequently asked questions to break down objections and guide users towards a decision.

Onboarding Funnel: Helps new users or customers get acquainted with a product or service.

Review/Testimonial Funnel: Showcases reviews or testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Referral Funnel: Encourages current users or customers to refer others in exchange for rewards.

Holiday/Seasonal Funnel: Targets specific holidays or seasons to promote relevant offers.

Cart Abandonment Funnel: Targets users who added items to their cart but didn't complete the purchase.

Loyalty Program Funnel: Encourages repeat business and rewards loyal customers.

Influencer/Collaboration Funnel: Uses influencers or collaborators to introduce their audience to offers.

You obviously don’t have to have all those funnels, start by picking one that best fits your COURSE and your AUDIENCE and build it. It can be done in less than a WEEK 🔥

Happy fishing!


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