Five questions to ask yourself that will help you set better goals

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If you missed ‘Goal Season’ and are going into February without a clue…

There are a gazillion different ways to plan your goals, but I am sharing 5 questions to help you start defining what your really great goals are.


That’s right! If you have no idea what your goals should be, this is for you…and you are not alone.


Here is what happens every year..I LOVE planning and spend a ridiculous amount of time doing it. When I am planning, everything seems possible, there is no failure, no pitfalls…just opportunity! Who doesn’t love that!


Then it’s time to actually do the work. . . and you know the rest! I think what happens is that I create goals that are kind of pre-made for me . . . like make $100K/year, or lose 20lbs, but immediately my brain is like ‘Wait a minute. . .I don’t really care about making this money . . .but I could use a mini vacation every month!’


See how it works? Immediately I made myself ten times more excited about my goal, because I am not working towards making some random amount of money, I am creating a lifestyle that fills my brain with endorphins!!


What works for me (and helps me set goals I can actually reach) is taking a step back to ask myself why I care about each goal that I’m setting. These five questions help me do just that, and make sure I set myself up for success each year.


5 Questions to set goals that you will actually hit!


1. What makes you get out of bed an hour earlier to put in the work?

What is that you TRULY WANT? Go deep with yourself on this one!
I always wanted to work remotely for a few weeks and I am making this a goal this year…every time my alarm goes off at 5am that is what makes me get out of bed! GAME CHANGER


2. What is the MINIMUM you need in your life?

Where are you getting that from? Whatever it is, set that goal first. Get those things done, and then you’ll have more bandwidth to focus on what you really want to be doing.
For me, this looks like working a full-time job to cover my minimums–running my business is how I make all the “extras” work, how I fund my dreams.


3. What are YOUR NUMBERS saying?

When I stopped looking at other people's numbers, I actually started creating better goals for myself. While everybody was investing in social media, I personally invested in relationship marketing, and that worked really well. So this year, I am setting a goal to expand my relationship marketing efforts. Cool? Check out your own numbers and figure out goals that build on them.


4. What are the goals that build on my LONG TERM PLAN?

We’re talking life-long goals here!
1 goal of mine per year is dedicated to working towards my long term goals. To be honest, I sometimes achieve that goal and sometimes don't, but I like to set them anyway. I would like to work fully remotely by 2025, so this year, my goal is to grow my remote team.


5. You gotta watch the video friend 🙂 but I’ll give you a hint: this one is a no-brainer that most people choose to avoid!


SO…DO YOU USE ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS TO SET YOUR GOALS? Or am I the only one that sets goals in this funny way? Let me know in the comments!


Plan it,


PS: I will be skiing in Stowe in a couple of weeks (hint it is one of the goals that make me happy) and if you want to fill your brain with endorphins + adrenaline with me follow the insta!


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