Ads not selling? Here’s why you should invest in them anyways

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Implementation Time: 4 hrs to create and set up an ads campaign

While I’m sitting here, writing this blog post, Facebook ™, Google ™ and (soon) YouTube ™ are promoting my content and offers to hundreds of people!

Totally love it, highly recommend it…

but it's easy for ‘evergreen people' (me included) to glorify paid advertising as the one thing you must conquer if you want to grow your business, your freedom, yada, yada…

Paid ads DON’T SELL, they BROADCAST!

Paid ads are a tool. Ads are part of a complex process to sell your digital programs successfully – not the answer to all your sales prayers.

And to make things even dicier, if you do it wrong, you’ll spend thousands of dollars on ‘ads managers’, ‘funnel builders’ and ads themselves for absolutely NOTHING!

So in this edition of The Launcher I’m encouraging you to shift your mindset around paid advertising to get the most out of it.

If ads don’t sell, why should you pay for them?

What the heck do ads do if they don't sell?! (they sure cost a pretty penny and change all the freakin’ time)

Here are some ways I use ads to help me sell thousands of courses on evergreen (and I also teach inside Scale with Evergreen – so I know they work)…

1. Establish as an EXPERT in your field

Ads can set you apart from the competition and shine an ‘expert’ light on you!

There are probably dozens of people that do what you do (chances are with courses too!).

So how would your potential clients know about you? Learn about the success your students and clients are experiencing with your help? Watch your interviews, your guest trainings, posts…

Sure you will make a post on Facebook, but it will reach 10 people and disappear the next day…

That’s why I highly recommend creating what I call ‘expert funnels’…traffic ads campaigns to promote my expert content (podcast interviews, blog posts, summit participations and more)

Here is an example:

With just a few dollars a day you can show your most important content and build your ‘expert status’ without having to post your life away.

2. Invite to your launch events or promote free content

No news here, you probably run lead ads or some webinar or challenge fill ups.

but it’s worth changing the narrative a little bit…

If you think of your free webinar as a party you are hosting, ads are not responsible for the quality of the party or the outcome, but they will ‘invite’ everyone in your audience to come hang out.

Ok, that’s a silly analogy but you get the gist…

Here are some free events that my clients and friends are running right now:

Vandghie has a ‘ditch PMS party’ going on:

In a nutshell, ads can make any event a much bigger one – especially if you don’t have an audience or list (yet!)

3. Meet new people 24/7

You probably have the most amazing program that can help a lot of people…but if they don’t know you exist, it is as good as nothing!

When you run engagement ads to a cold audience, it introduces you to people that would never know of you otherwise. This digital ‘hello’ is super important to start the conversation before you ask them to get your lead magnet or buy your course…

Online marketing is exactly like ‘real life’ marketing…you gotta meet people, shake some hands, start a conversation and then make offers.

4. Promote your paid offers (ok, that might be selling 🙂

No secret here, FB ads put my low ticket program (Launch Plan in a Day) in front of tens of thousands of people a week.

People who wouldn’t know about me or even that there is a solution for their problems out there if it wasn’t for paid ads.

I also run ads directly to my low ticket sales page, affiliate links, client offers (a rising tide lifts all boats, am I right?!) and retarget to people who signed up but didn’t buy yet.

Here is a comment from one of my ads that clearly shows how it works:

Ads are great to remind your ideal audience that you have something to help them! and since Facebook ™ isn't going to buy any of our courses…

YOU will still have to:

  • Get solid results for you and others
  • Craft an indispensable offer
  • Write message and content that speak to the pains and dreams of your people
  • Design the funnel steps to lead your people on this journey from cold to sold…

Ads are not doing any of it for you!

But when all those things are in place, ads will give you a platform to reach more of your people – and that's worth paying for.

Ok, so this is just a ‘taste’ of what ads can do so if you are looking to use them I recommend you come chat with me about a good  strategy for the new year

It's free and I do speak my mind!


Quick Tip: Wanna see what ads people are running? Check out  Facebook ™ ads library 

And here’s how we can work on your ads together…

While other ‘evergreen people’ are selling the ‘magic pill’ of ads and funnels, I like to think of it as a way to multiply your efforts (not completely replace you)!

So when you join Scale with Evergreen (3 Sprints in one amazing package) the first thing you do is an Ads SETUP Session with my ads manager – so we can start multiplying your efforts and priming your ads account before you even start the program.

This session alone is worth $497 out there so:

  1. Book a free strategy call with me  
  2. Answer a few questions about your program
  3. Meet me and decide if you like what your 2023 evergreen strategy could look like
  4. Join the Jan cohort of Scale with Evergreen to get your strategy out of the paper together

Don’t wait to get traction – every day counts!

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