What Amy Porterfield says you should do first to launch a course

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I quit the corporate career I loved because I couldn't manage career + side-business...
My content is dedicated to help 'ultra-busy' people like you create a full time or side business on your own terms.

In this exclusive interview I asked Amy Porterfield to put on her “beginners hat” when it comes to creating digital courses.

The starting phase is where you will likely struggle the most so this chat is perfect to give you the step by step to start getting traction with your course faster.

If you are starting out and can't get traction with a course this is for you!

  1. First, Amy believes that you are SO lucky right now. In this time in the world, so many people are looking to change their work/career, and people are more open and inviting to see your content.
  2. Amy subscribes to the idea of focusing on ONE MAIN OFFER that adds value to someone's life. Ask yourself, “What can my work/expertise/knowledge help some be, do, or have?”.
  3. Amy said, “I would start by focusing on: 
    1. One offer
    2. Ask: where does my audience need support?
    3. Ask yourself: how can I deliver the solution in the best way possible? (minimum viable solution)

You can always change in the future, but we both agree that the initial focus on your “north star” will help you to avoid spinning with all of the choices and shiny objects.

I loved asking Amy the following question:

“What if you were not AMY PORTERFIELD with all of your experience, success and resources, how would you go about starting a business from scratch or turn around a business that has been struggling to gain traction?”

Here are the three most important tips that Amy shared:

10% Edge

  • I would get very clear on what MY 10% edge is. Meaning, I would ask myself “where have I gotten results for clients in the past and teach how to get those results on a bigger scale.”  Then, notice where people are asking you, “how did you do that?” will give you insight into your expertise.

Your People

  • Ask yourself, “who needs this advice or support?” meaning who do you want to serve? Remember, this will evolve over time. You won’t know who your exact audience is until you start putting your content out there and see who it resonates with.

Original Content

  • would for sure create a podcast or a video and I would offer that weekly, rain or shine, no matter what. Creating original content is key to being a creator. 
  • And you can do this now. Just begin, you will iterate along the way. 

Another question that I asked Amy was:

“What is one quality/trait that most successful entrepreneurs have or have taken the time to develop”

A. I believe that RESILIENCE is the biggest difference between someone who gives up, and someone who keeps going when it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.

  • I don’t think you’re born with it. 
  • It’s a muscle that you develop. 
  • Failure is part of the process.
  • Take on a “I will figure this out” mindset.
  • Don’t be a one hit wonder – focus on ONE course and rinse and repeat making it better and better with each launch.

Not ONE of the most successful students I’ve worked with got it 100% right the first time. Most of the time, they simply HOPE it will work. Doubt is normal, but the resilient course creator does it anway.

Top 5 Takeaways from Amy:

  1. Do not keep reinventing the wheel. 
  2. Don’t start from scratch, find out what’s working and do it over and over.
  3. If you can make $1000, you can make $100,000.
  4. There’s a compounding effect with digital courses, you just have to stay in the game.
  5. Start somewhere and DO NOT give up.
  6. BONUS takeaway – the only difference between Amy and those who have not succeeded (yet), is that she made the decision to not give up.

Wanna know more about Digital Course Academy? Check out the bonus page for all the free training Amy is sharing.

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