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Hey there!

You probably don't know this, but I recently moved to Florida and with the move + the kid out of school, I’ve had exactly 2hr/day to work on the business for months.

If this is YOU right now (full time job, kids at home, sick parents…) it’s freakin’ hard and you deserve a medal every day.


And this ‘time’ pushed me to come up with a ton of fresh (battle-tested) quick strategies…so keep an eye for it this month.

So today I wanted to share how I run my affiliates!

No! It shouldn’t be the first thing you do in your business but as soon as you have an offer that is running well, then set up affiliates for passive income or quick cash injections.

I’m an affiliate for tools and mini courses but the bulk of my affiliate money comes from 2 big programs I promote: BBD and DCA.

👉🏻 Not sure what the heck I’m talking about?? Check out the AFFILIATE MARKETING 101 post here. (AI written but I totally approve)

Digital Course Academy is coming up – so here is a little bts what we are doing to support Amy.

How I’m planning for a big affiliate launch

For the past 3 years, I tried a bunch of different strategies and I came up with 3 activities that worked the best.

Start Early, Go All In (2+ mos)

Affiliate launches are a ton of work, I like to treat them even better than my own launches. This year I’m running my own bootcamp (Launch Plan in a Week) in support of the launch and putting together some free gifts to my audience.

To coordinate all those moving parts I gotta get the team involved and be hyper focused on the execution.

I obviously have a launch plan for that 🙂

Here is a snapshot of my affiliate launch plan in ClickUp:

‘Better Than Jenna’s’ bonus package

I have a tiny list and that means a very small percentage will be interested in the program to begin with and likely they will be in some of the big lists already…

So how do I compete with the ‘Jenna Kutchers’ of the affiliate world??

Giving bonuses that they can’t do! That’s actually my affiliate secret sauce. I answer some questions to craft a competitive bonus package:

  1. What is my audience going to struggle with right after they go through the program? Usually something like small accountability calls, etc.
  2. What can I add to the program? Is it missing deep dives or tech tutorials? Digital Course Academy (DCA) is pretty comprehensive but it is light on evergreen, tech and ads…all things I’ve the know-how to teach.
  3. Can I offer more support, small groups, live experiences, 1:1 coaching? Here is what big affiliates cannot do…service, 1:1, small group calls. The more of ‘you’ the more appealing the package.
  4. Can I offer any Done-For-You service? Again, another bonus that big affiliates cannot do and people put a big price tag on it! Everybody wants done-for-them if you can swing.

Once I have my bonus package drafted, it is time to put it all into a smashing BONUS PAGE!

Tell them all the ‘Ws’

You’ll be sending a ton of emails, posts, etc…but all pointing to the program you are affiliating for…

The BONUS PAGE is where we add all our ‘whys’:

  • Why we decided to promote the program,
  • Who we are,
  • What the mentor did for us, results we had
  • What we bring to the table
  • Why they should invest on us
  • What is on your bonus package
  • and instructions to get your affiliate bonus package!

I create a full bonus page that is often better than my own sales pages – no joke!

Unfortunately most affiliate programs only let you discuss the bonuses a few days before cart opens… I’ll show you mine when time comes 🔥

Alright…hope this is enough to get you thinking about affiliates but there is a whole bunch happening that I wanna share so…

Keep an eye out for the next posts, I’m pulling the curtains on my:

🤫 ‘CATCH ALL’ page strategy (even James Wedmore’s team is copying this)

💰 ADS FOR AFFILIATES (a must read if you have a tiny list!)

🖥️ LINK TRACKING (it gets pretty hairy)

And more

Sneak Peek My Signature ‘CATCH ALL' Page

I’ll see you in a few days!


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