Evergreen Funnels: The Pro Secrets Behind Making Money on Autopilot

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I quit the corporate career I loved because I couldn't manage career + side-business...
My content is dedicated to help 'ultra-busy' people like you create a full time or side business on your own terms.

Ever wondered how successful course creators can practically guarantee their evergreen funnels are going to work out?

You know I’m not one to keep information in a vault. So, here’s me, cheekily and unapologetically revealing the secrets of a profitable evergreen funnel. 😉

But first, what the heck is an evergreen funnel??

In a nutshell, it's when your course or program can be purchased any time (evergreen) and you have a series of online steps (expertly orchestrated) that find, sell and deliver your program to your ideal student (automated funnel).

All while you sleep, work on other things, pick up your kid from school…Yep, #evergreenisthedream

Back to the ones actually making money on evergreen…

Evergreen Professionals Swear By:

⚡️ They create offers SPECIFICALLY for evergreen (by designing all aspects of the program, bonuses, pricing and marketing with evergreen in mind from start to end).

✨ They are LASER-FOCUS on what evergreen audiences want and need right now (so they can immediately make a sale without much ‘warming up’).

🔮 They test EVERY PART of the funnel separately, in the RIGHT ORDER (instead of throwing the proverbial spaghetti to the wall and spending tons of money in the process).

Which probably raises even MORE questions, right? Like,

  • How do I know what topics and content will light my target audience’s fire (and guarantee they’ll buy right away)?
  • How do I know where to best invest my budget?
  • What is the best tech for my funnel?… And how do I use that tech?!
  • How can I test my funnel and get virtual butts in seats (without basically buying stocks on Facebook?)
  • How can I create polished, drooling-worthy pages for my funnel when I’m not a graphic designer?

And last but not least …

  • How exactly do I create a scale-ready evergreen funnel that gets steadily more successful over time (and supports my online business in hitting six-figures+ in revenue)?

These are all GREAT questions.

And, friend, I’ll be honest:

You’re not expected to know the answers to them.

That’s like traveling to an exotic land and expecting to immediately know how to speak the language.

It’s not gonna happen. At least not alone. ‘Cause I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

Having an evergreen program is THE most powerful way to grow steadily as a digital entrepreneur.

But … that doesn’t mean creating and launching one comes naturally. And that doesn’t mean you have to figure it all out alone.

I’m here for you and we are doing it together inside the new


ok, here is the catch…you gotta commit 100% to making it work (no half-assing).

Automation is definitely not for people who get distracted by shiny objects and jump from strategy to strategy just to ‘feel busy'.

It’s a fast-paced, result-driven, do-first-improve-later kind of effort and I want you to be on board with that!

If you are, YAY 🎉 I’m so ready to help you build your first (or next) reliable revenue stream.


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