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Quiz tool, coaching, copy, ads and more – all in one place? Heck yes!

Building a quiz is easy, right?! Nope!

Building a quiz that actually works is even harder…

so if a quiz is NOT CONVERTING (or you haven't even pressed ‘Live' yet) chances are you are trying to patch all pieces together.

Oh and I get it! Quiz ‘pros' will run you a few thousand dollars and if you're still testing your offers chances are the funnel is not going to make you a ton of money anyways…

So when I heard of The Quiz Collective (btw it is free with your subscription) I had to chat with Jackie about it!

Watch the interview:

Jackie Aguglia, Quiz Coach at TryInteract, is responsible for creating this revolutionary community that helps TryInteract customers connect with each other and get:

  • expert advice,
  • help understanding how to optimize their quiz,
  • strategy questions answered, 
  • and everything else…

all in ONE place!

If you are looking for a solution for your quizzes, for your marketing, and you are also interested in knowing more about how to use those tools better, this interview is for you!

Writing a quiz takes a lot of trial-and-error

We are the first to acknowledge that a quiz can be a bit more work than your average freebie lead magnet. Inside the Quiz Collective, we help you:

1. Get your quiz 70% of the way there.

2. Publish it.

3. Once people start taking your quiz, look at the analytics and optimize it.

4. Update it over time and get it to perfect, using the community for feedback as you go!

The Quiz Collective gives you the support you need for as long as you need it

It can take you a day to write and launch a quiz and it can take you a few months or it might take you a year. Everyone's goals are different. Your objectives or priorities and business are all different.

It's also important to acknowledge what the goal is from the quiz and then set a timeline for it so that you can meet your personal objectives.

Obviously, the more thought you put into your quiz and the more specific you get trying to target your ideal customers, the better your quiz is going to be.

But it's really important to acknowledge that there's no set deadline or timeline that you need to fit within to launch a quiz. We've literally seen it happen in the day, or over the course of a couple of years.

There are 3 ways that the community offers you the specific support you need no matter where you are in the quiz creation process:

  1. Weekly live office hours where we talk a lot about strategy. We'll do a lot of brainstorming. We'll take your quiz, live on the call in front of everybody during office hours if you're up for it so that you can get some live feedback.
  2. Tech office hour sessions with tech experts to help with, not only integrating the quiz with your specific platforms, but also setting up email automation triggers, storing lists, paid promotions and more. 
  3. A dedicated space in the community where you can get feedback from other members in the community and quiz coaches.

More about the experts you will find inside The Quiz Collective

Quizzes work really well with ads and email sequences. But Jackie says that they really needed to draw the line between where they positioned themselves as “quiz experts” and where they needed to call in some help to support their customers.

Who are these experts inside the community?

  • Francine is a brand and design expert who makes sure your quiz looks like your website and your brand.
  • Don will help you with your email copy. We even have templates on email sequences that you can send out or create and then send out after the quiz. 
  • Ashley is a Facebook ads expert who helps you set up ads to get more views and traffic over to your site.

You can get the full benefits of the Quiz Collective for FREE

Once you sign up for the Interact free trial, you'll get immediate access to the community.

We also offer free strategy calls. And so if you want to use the quiz or you feel really stuck in the ideas, or you have lots of ideas and you don't know where to get started, jump on a strategy call with a quiz coach and they'll show you exactly where to get started based on what it is that you're trying to achieve.

When you sign up to get a free 14 days here, you can get that strategy call and make sure that all work for you right away. 

Ready to jump (back) into building a quiz??
I also talked to Josh Haynam, co-founder and CEO of TryInteract and you can watch it here.

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