Sales Calls: Try or Skip?

Make More Time for Life

I quit the corporate career I loved because I couldn't manage career + side-business...
My content is dedicated to help 'ultra-busy' people like you create a full time or side business on your own terms.

You might not have created a digital course to still make sales calls 😳

I totally get it and I didn't do it either!

BUT they perform way better than any other type of fancy funnel or launches and if leads are costing you an arm and a leg – you can't afford to bump your CONVERSION RATES!

In this super short video (6min) I break down:

  • how I've been using sales calls to continue growing my coaching program (Scale with Evergreen)
  • when calls outperform funnels
  • my best advice for beginners

How to Make Totally Indispensable Offers – Recession Survival Guide

0:00 Intro
0:57 Testing and Validating
2:20 Get Feedback
2:39 Best question to ask
3:59 Closing rates

Sales Calls for Digital Creators

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πŸ‘‹πŸ» I’m Roberta, a 40-yo YouTuber 😳, automation and evergreen mentor to 4K+ students, who quit 10yrs in biotech to grow a side-hustle into a multi-six figure online business. I make videos that help you create digital products, sell on autopilot and make the best out of your free time. I also have a shop where you can get templates and tools to shortcut your journey to passive income (

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Hi, I'm Roberta

What I really love is to park my 40-yo bod on a beach, sip Bellinis and hang out with the I'm on a quest to make my business work for me  and enjoy more of that good life!

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Even when I didn't have money to buy lunch, I always knew I was meant for so much more...

I've lived a million lives...from borrowing school uniform to attend high school to getting into all 3 major universities in Brazil to moving to the US with a thousand bucks and a scholarship to getting a 6-fig salary right off school and an expat assignment in Denmark...
and then to quitting all of that to call my own shots and take as vacation days as I want...
My lives have been pretty amazing and I'm ready to share + show you the way (if that's what you want) in those pages.
Don't be a stranger - let me know what you think of the blog, the youtube, the courses, the agency...
I'm here for you!

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