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The ‘Accidental Funnel’ Story

July 30, 2021

And that is how I got started with funnels! Which by the way, I had zero idea it was in fact a funnel…

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Hey there friend,

Back when I was styling photoshoots (I bet you didn’t even know I did that?! ​)…

I accidentally created a ‘funnel’

Same old story…I wanted to sell more styling kits but there are just so many ‘buy my stuff’ posts and emails one can send, am I right?

So I put my thinking cap on…What is one thing people need to know or believe before they purchase my styling kits?!

[insert a really LOOONG time ? here]

One day it hit me! It was right in my face… I was getting a lot of requests for STYLING TIPS!

It didn’t even occur to me because as the ‘expert’ I just don’t have that same problem, but it was right there. So I created 3 styling videos and put them on YouTube! In the description I added a link to my shop so they could buy the kits I was using in the video.

Sales trickled in and I was hooked!

A few days later I created my first lead magnet: Photoshoot Styling Bootcamp

It was a super simple funnel…

Creatives would find me on YouTube ➡ watch the videos ➡ get my styling bootcamp for free (and get on my list) ➡ receive shop promos and a discount ➡ buy my kits ➡ book my styling service ➡ HOORAY! ?

And that is how I got started with funnels! Which by the way, I had zero idea it was in fact a funnel ?

But the biggest win was that by automating this part of my business (sending good leads to my offer) I freed up time to:

  • create new offers,
  • support my service clients better,
  • make more kits,
  • fill a coaching program in minutes just with emails to my list
  • and so much more!

Service-providers and coach friends…That’s why I’m so excited to share with you The Wealthy Coaches Summit.

It’s 3 straight days of cutting-edge strategies and insights to how top coaches are running their businesses and building their legacies. They will be there to help YOU leverage your time and grow your business!

The best part? The entire summit is free, but you have to register to get access.

Grab your FREE ticket to the online event here.

caption for image

What do you say we start building some space (and wealth) within your business?

I will see you on the inside,


P.S. If you want to be a wealthy coach (or at least ditch being a ‘broke’ one) there are a few things you need to know!

I wish I had this kind of support when I created my first accidental ‘funnel’ so I’m sharing it with you!

Here are a few of my friends (and amazing experts) you’ll get the chance to learn and ASK QUESTIONS from:

  • Membership Expert and Creator of the TRIBE Experience – Stu Mclaren
  • NLP Certified Coach and Webinar Sales Expert – Colin Boyd
  • Tiny Offer Queen and Visibility Strategist – Allie Bjerk
  • Master Money Manifestor and Motivational Speaker – Daniel Mangena
  • Pinterest Expert with 300k Monthly Views – Rachel Ngom
  • Publicity and Visibility Strategist for Online Coaches – Lisa Simone Richards
  • 7-Figure entrepreneur and Go-To Expert for Facebook Groups – Christina Jandali
  • And ME, of course! Sharing all about funnels and how to automate some things in your business to free time and money to grow!

And these are just a few of the speakers presenting! All of them for FREE! ?

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