3 Best Sales Funnels For Beginners

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Read Time: 10 min (ish)
Implementation Time: 4 to 8hrs

If I had a dollar every time I catch someone saying (or thinking)…

‘I just need to make my webinar funnel work’ 

Or ‘I think I need to put my webinar in evergreen’

Don’t get me wrong, they are GREAT and still work wonders (not as well as in 2020, but in digital what does?!)

Truth is there are more than 15 types of evergreen funnels for you to explore.

So why use the same old technique (actually funnel mechanism) that everybody does?!

You want to stand-out in a ‘sea of offers’, don’t you?

Let’s break down some options so for your next evergreen offer you can give potential customers a fresh experience…(not the dusty old ‘watch my free training’)

3 Easy Sales Funnels For Beginners

Lead Magnet + Email Sequence

You probably ‘seen and done that’ – I get it but I guarantee you haven’t explored all the wonderful things you can do with this underrated power combo.

How to use: Lead magnets and emails sequences are great to sell LOW to MEDIUM cost programs ($47 to $597). Anything above that you should add a sales event like webinar, challenge, call, etc.

So here is how it looks step by step:

1. PROMO (posts or ads)
3. THANK YOU PAGE (optional)
4. EMAIL DELIVERY (single or sequence)
5. Email Sequence to promote paid program

The first thing I would do to spice up this funnel is to create a better lead magnet (or opt-in).

PDFs and checklist are great but often overused, so here are some


PRIVATE CONTENT – Private podcast, Telegram or What’sApp messages or exclusive newsletter (example on the JLo).

FREE MINI COURSE – Hosted on your program platform (I recommend Kajabi) so they can experience what’s like working with you, watching your videos and getting a small result before buying.

QUIZ with a FREE BONUS. Quizzes have been great lead magnets and probably deserve their own funnel categories, but lately I’ve seen quizzes + tailored resources paired together and I think they are ‘magical’. For example, you can give a free mini course to quiz result ‘A’ and a different resource to quiz result ‘B’.

The second way you can spice up this kind of funnel is by creating a better sales experience (aka the emails!)


The old ‘announcing my awesome product’ type of sales emails just won’t fly. Here is what I’m trying on my funnels and on my client’s:

  • PERSONALITY-INFUSED emails: don’t shy away from showing your true self – people love it! I like to think that I’m a bit sarcastic, straight shooter and I make a lot of mistakes because I don’t edit or review things as I should – aka impulsive (I dare you to find less than 10 grammar mistakes in any of my posts :). Find one or 2 things you want to ‘stand for’ and add more of that in all your emails from now on.80/20 FOCUS: we are focusing 80% of the emails on the customer…that means going deeper into what’s in it for them instead of ‘here are my awesome features’ and it works.PUNCH UP THE FUN: everybody is tired of reading emails… so brainstorm ways you can give them a ‘break’ or create a more lighthearted experience during your sales process. Give digital artwork if you are a designer, a witty OOO copy template if you are a copywriter, curate awesome and fun gifs (hey that’s my game!) or even take them ‘out of their inbox’ for a secret interview you recorded.

Don’t discount the Lead magnet + Sales emails combo just because you’ve seen a few of those…make it unique and more fun to see your sales soar – SIMPLE SELLS!


A tripwire is a small offer (usually $27 or less) that you present ON the thank you page after they sign up for a FREE lead magnet.

Here are the steps:

1. PROMO (posts or ads)
3. TRIPWIRE page
4. THANK YOU PAGE (optional)
5. EMAIL DELIVERY (single or sequence)
6. CART ABANDONED SEQ (optional if they don't buy the tripwire)

The secret for tripwires that convert is to offer exactly what people will need AFTER they get your lead magnet.

When someone signs up for a free resource they automatically believe they have already ‘solved’ that problem so they will be looking at the next problem to solve. 

Instead of offering a little bit more support for a fee, think of the next thing they will need. 

For example:

Lead magnet: Free sales page tutorial or 15 topics your sales page should cover
Bad Tripwire: $27 google doc version of the training
Good Tripwire: $7 All graphics your sales page will need (Canva templates)

Social Funnels

If you’ve never heard of those…I’m sure you will (channeling Nostradamus here).

Social funnels are the intersection of paid advertising and organic social media content that is super simple to create. You might already have one and not know it.

How to use: Social Funnels can sell anything (from $7 to $10K and beyond). Just like lead magnet + emails, anything above $597 you should add a sales event like webinar, challenge, call, etc on the back end of it.

So here is the scoop:

  1. Engagement Ads or SEO
  2. Social Media Page or Profile
  4. DM or offer links
  5. Offer Page or Lead Magnet Funnel

VALUABLE. It’s more in-depth than regular content. You probably have seen a few of those out there and carrousels are the most used instagram format.

REVIEWS. You can showcase your process by reviewing ads, copy, taglines (@copyposse does it so perfectly)

INSPIRE/ENCOURAGE. There is a reason why inspirational quotes work and it’s because everybody at one point or another really needs it. Focus on inspiring them to get in motion to solve the problem your offer fixes.

SHOWCASE BENEFITS. If you are using social media as a funnel, you gotta toot your own horn (a bit) – showcase all the great stuff your program does for people regularly!

THOUGHT REVERSALS. My friend and mentor Brandon Lucero always says you gotta stand for something not mainstream, and creating thought reversal content pieces for social is a pretty easy way to do it. Watch my full interview with him on youtube

DIFFERENTIATE. What do you do that’s completely different. How are you unique? Create specific posts to show how your offer is different from anybody else's out there – they are thinking anyway, might as well make it super clear!

REMOVE FEAR OR REASONS NOT TO BUY. Talk about success cases, your guarantee, how many years you've been in business, the extra support you created to give them the results…anything you ever heard or thought that can be holding people back from buying should be addressed on social media. The 3 main ‘fear buckets' are: time, money, does it work?

While this is not a completely AUTOMATED FUNNEL (you will have to create the content regularly), you can make it easier with a content creation plan and a good dose of reposting.

The second part of this funnel (link you will send over DM or put on your link bio for example) can be a:

  • Sales page (if your program is a low ticket item)
  • Digital shop (templates, downloads, physical items)
  • Lead magnet (see lead magnet funnels above)
  • Book a call or call funnel link (for high ticket programs)

Ok so now that you read all about those wonderful (and easy) funnels, you might be wondering…😳 Which one should I use??

Want my honest opinion on what funnel you should use? Leave a comment below


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