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Make More Time for Life

I quit the corporate career I loved because I couldn't manage career + side-business...
My content is dedicated to help 'ultra-busy' people like you create a full time or side business on your own terms.

My word of the year is DISCIPLINE! why? because I don't have it, and when I looked at my money goals for the year I realize I will need a lot of it.

That is the power of goal-setting and planning…When you plan, you uncover the missing pieces: the courses you need to take, the attitude you and the master, the time you have to create new posts 🙂

If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out the goals I set for the year and get started with the big ‘rocks'…

Goal 1: Impact

Create a digital shop (hey hey Launch Kits Co)

The more I learn about launching and online marketing the more I am convinced you just need to get in MOTION (and fast). 

Here is my quick story…for most of 2019 I tried to learn things first, make them perfect, then launch…

big flop! 

I learned and in 2020, I got into super imperfect motion, the 70% done and go rule! 

it worked! 

I got clarity on my purpose, how I can attract and serve more amazing people like you! 

In 2021, I want to help you do the same but better! Hence this goal to put everything I learned + work with amazing pros I’ve met along the way to fast track + uplevel your launches (think anything workshop, mini courses, etc…)

Launch Kits Co, is making its debut in February…keep my feet to the fire!

Goal 2: Balance

Work 20hrs/week.

Truth is I am a full time stay-at-home mom + preschool teacher in training + new business owner (Thanks Covid!) 

…so guess what?

I just can’t work much more than 20hrs if I wanna keep my sanity…so I put it as one of my biggest goals and everything else I create will have to work around my work schedule…

Does that make sense?

Goal 3: Income

The third goal I have for 2021 is to reach 250K in revenue.

This is a bold one that makes my stomach turn just by thinking of it – let alone say it to the world!

The thing is that I fully believe in ‘shooting to the moon, to hit some stars’ if you catch my drift. This number is a big stretch, I am still figuring out some of my offers for late 2021 and honestly, I will need a good dose of sheer luck to get me even close…

But at the end of the day, if you make your goal, you just didn’t think big enough! I’m ready to give my best shot and I will let you know how I do it!

Goal 4: Mindset

One of my biggest goals for this year is to master better habits and mindset.

I am learning a whole lot about high performance habits (loving anything Brendon Burchard) but for the past year I used a mix of journaling, reframing and meditation to achieve more in less time.

The big mindset shifts I had to make last year:

  1. Scarcity and Competition: Keep comparing myself to others kept me small and afraid for so long…it sucked so many precious hours I can't even tell. I still fall pray of those feelings often but as they get less frequent, I feel I can do more and more every day.
  2. Passion x Money: I struggled most of 2020 with my offers – should they be what will make my business more money or the things I am really passionate about!
    Well, I chose passion – helping my students create and launch fast while keeping a brand that makes them proud have been on my mind for ever but I struggled to decide.
    I am still not sure if that is the right decision but it is the one I made and I will report back!

Goal 5: Energy

Last year (2020) I was exhausted all the time – too much of everything, too much change, work, bills to pay, not enough walks outside or Target runs…so I got tired.

I actually asked for a Peloton Tread for my birthday and Christmas and the fam got together to get me one! That is a 2-in-1 goal since I am still working on my bucket-list goal of running the 5 major marathons (I only did one so far) – but that is a topic for another time 🙂

So this year, I am exercising EVERY FREAKIN DAY, not to shed pounds but to have the energy needed to reach those bold revenue goals I set to myself.

Shout out to my exercise buddy Lucy from Belmonilli – we ‘meet' every morning to walk or take a class online!

Now this is something I remind myself every day…

What about you? Ready to launch something new in 2021? 

Lemme give you a hand…join the list to know more about how to get moving even faster!

Cheering you on,


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  1. Love the goals you’re setting! I agree that mindset is key, so I’m focusing on 2 keywords for 2021: Listen and Intentional. It’s helpful to have specific words serve as a guiding light. 🙂

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