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If the first thought you have in the morning is what you should be doing for work…you might be suffering from Entrepreneurial Anxiety. You know that constant feeling you should be doing more?!

I just made it up but the reality is that we tend to get ‘stuck’ or jump from thing to thing (hello new TikTok account) not because we don’t know HOW to do it, but because we are afraid of picking one and not being THE ONE THING we should be doing!

I do it and chances are you are doing it too! But when I get stuck or spin my wheels trying to decide what to do next I think of BRIDGES!

Let me paint a picture for you:

You want to get to this beautiful ‘island’ – The 40 yo’s Paradise Island (ok, that’s my island) – where you wake up every day looking and feeling your best self.

The sun gently covers your toned body. From a distance, you hear the kids playing by the pool. They are all taken care of, the house is clean and breakfast is served.

You open the closet and choose a perfectly-fitted bathing suit, a crispy white linen cover-up, soft sandals, and Jackie-O sunglasses. Effortless.

You pick your favorite spot by the pool to start working – except that it doesn’t feel like work – you actually look forward to opening your computer.

You love checking in with your team – support them while they support you.

Your clients and students are creating amazing results for themselves and you are in the FLOW – NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD.

You don’t need a vacation, because your life is a big vacation with a few times of ‘stress’ sprinkled throughout – not the other way around.

How does it sound? Have you thought of YOUR paradise island or beach house or hut in the forest??

Whatever your version of paradise island is, you know that to GET THERE you’ll need money COMING IN all the time. When you open that laptop, you will need sales notifications. So to get to Paradise Island, you need a bridge…a Money BRIDGE.

Want financial freedom? Money needs to come in more easily

If you have to battle for each sale, there is no gas left in the tank for growing.

At least one of your offers need to be easy to sell and bring in enough money to pay the basic business expenses. I call it the BASELINE OFFER.

Ideally this is the first offer you work on but it is never late to actually create one. The focus should be on creating something that is truly easy to offer/sell.

So how do you make the time to build a baseline offer?

Break the stress and overwork cycle

Right now you are building 10 SAND BRIDGES AT THE SAME TIME, and it's draining your resources.

You work a few hours creating Instagram posts – build an inch here.

Then you realize ‘nobody is growing on Instagram and it is not gonna work for me’ and start to learn about TikTok instead – a full day, $300 in courses later – you built another inch over there.

A week goes by, you are not a TikTok sensation, so it must be your course. You start creating a low ticket offer to see if it ‘sells’. 2 weeks and $600 in tech later – you sold 1 x $47 course and that Paradise Island is looking farther than before.

I know that’s you, because it's me too.

The first thing you have to commit right now is to drop everything else, and focus on ONE BRIDGE.

Commit to one FULL strategy (not a Frankenstein of free tips and poorly reversed-engineered strategies).

You are capable of creating A funnel, a full bridge to make money while you sunbathe but you MUST STOP:

❌ Doubting yourself
❌ Chasing shiny objects or the new hot strategy
❌ Copying what others are doing (it works for them, not for you!)
❌ Trying to delegate all decisions to others…

One funnel, one bridge, full commitment, your ticket to Paradise Island – Boom!

Today, ‘soul-search' if you really want to create that money on an autopilot bridge and

What you will say no to so you can have the resources to build that bridge?

  • Are you willing to LISTEN to what people want from you?
  • Are you willing to FORGET about the half-built bridges?
  • Are you gonna say no to all the ways you tried and DIDN’T WORK for you?
  • Are you gonna say no to that inner voice that screams when things get hard and tell you you are not good enough, you DON’T KNOW ENOUGH, you are not meant to do it?

If that’s a big yes, you’re ready to start building the bridge to paradise island.

I’ve already started, are you coming?


PS: If you are committed to an evergreen funnel in 2023 (for your $197 to $1997 digital program)… I have the blueprint (and the shovels) to build this bridge with you – it’s called Evergreen Sprint.

The next group starts soon so take a look at the program here.

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