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Implementation Time: hours and hours playing with ChatGPT

Long time no see (I mean read) but I have news…I want you to meet my new copy assistant, KAi.

Yep, another ‘K” in the team – it’s an internal joke that to work here your name must start (sound) with ‘K’ – we have a Kassie, a Katie, a Kelsey, a Chloe and a Roberta ehehehh)

So we decided to name our new OpenAI bot ‘KAi’! See K + AI?!

Here’s how it came about – I was enjoying my staycation and got bored (there’s only so many fiction books you can start and stop) so I opened my email.

To my surprise, Alex Hormozi emailed a link to his YT video about ChatGPT (the guy never emails so I had to take a look and you can  watch it here ).

Full disclaimer – There is a ton of very weird and problematic stuff in this video (+ he’s sort of a ‘bro’) but credit where credit is due, this video made me check out OpenAI’s Chatbot.

WARNING: At first I went to the APPStore and found a bunch of apps that look like OpenAI ChatGPT (but they are not) – don’t pay for it (at least not yet)! I tested 2 of them and they are expensive and spit out way worse results than the actual free chatbot.

Then I found OpenAI’s site and went down the chat rabbit hole!

My first question was ‘Can you write a blog post about the best productivity hacks for solopreneurs?’ I thought it would be funny to see if it would say something like ‘USE ChatGPT to write content’…but it didn’t (and I learned why but I will not bore you with the details)

Anyways, it spit out something like a plain list of topics:

  • Create a clear and focused to-do list: Write down your tasks for the day and prioritize them in order of importance. This will help you stay organized and on track.
  • Set specific goals: Set achievable goals for the week, month, and year. This will give you something to work towards and help you stay motivated.
  • Use time-blocking techniques: Dedicate specific blocks of time to specific tasks. For example, dedicate the first two hours of your day to writing, and the next two hours to research and so on…

Ok, that’s cool…but it wasn’t a full blown post just yet, so I drilled down into each topic. I started asking: ‘How to set specific goals for solopreneurs?’ and ‘What are the best time-blocking techniques for solopreneurs?’

After the second round of questions, I had content for a few posts on ‘PRODUCTIVITY’ but to be super honest, it was pretty blah.

If you wanna see the final result (unedited) check the full productivity article written  ‘Made By KAi’  on the blog

So I decided to SYSTEMATIZE this idea ✨so let’s start the actual ‘guide’ part, shall we?!

How to get started with AI copy (ChatGPT)

First things first, go to the developers website 

It is completely FREE to use it (no need to get any of the paid apps out there! They are actually worse than the actual free tool 🙂)

OpenAI is the company that is releasing/front -ending the chat technology so they have a few different ‘tools’ at the time of this post.

You want to go to ChatGPT – . Once in there, open a ‘New Chat’ on the left top corner

Now you have your new Copy Assistant ready to write…

Actually, there is obviously a surge in users so I’m getting more and more notes like this 🙁

Patience, young padawan…

Once you get in, start a chat 🙂and you are ready to create your first piece of content using ChatGPT

Now, that’s fine but how to ACTUALLY LEVERAGE CHATGPT to grow your business, sell more, have more free time, etc … I’m no expert but I found that like any tool, it is more about how you put it to use.

How to maximize and leverage ChatGPT for your small business or side-business

Define a clear, tangible PURPOSE

I’m trying to build SEO on my blog (and failing miserably) so I thought that perhaps I can create more long form content with the help of AI…that’s a clear, tangible result I want to get out of the tool.

With that purpose in mind, I can then focus my questions and tailor the content to it. You can use AI to:

  • Write SEO friendly blog posts
  • Script YouTube videos (my first one is coming next week!)
  • Write email subject lines
  • Create Twitter + social media content (despite that my Instagram posts were not that interesting)
  • Sales copy like ads for your service, landing page content, etc.
  • Have a conversation with a typewriter (I’m loving this one!)

Once you pick a goal, it is time to start creating.

Create a Q&A content funnel

Nothing to do with evergreen sales funnels, I promise…a Q&A funnel is how I structure questions going from broader to deeper and more specific.

In reality, every question should be SPECIFIC if you’re using it for sales and marketing purposes.

Good examples of FIRST QUESTIONS to ask: – ‘Write a 5000-word blog post about Productivity Hacks for Solopreneurs’ – ‘Write a Starter Guide to Google Ads’, etc.

Remember, this is a tool in the very early stages of development – you can’t just ‘outsource’ all the strategy and thinking to it (at least not yet).

From the first question, you want to drill down to more specifics and more ‘interesting/nuance’ questions.

Examples of SECOND questions/changes you can make: – ‘Make the blog post funnier’ – List fun facts about the topic – Ask about each piece of advice from the post ( like I did here ) – Add more statistics and facts about the topic

When you are happy with the bulk of the content, you can go one layer deeper into the PROMOTION:

Examples of PROMO CONTENT you can create:

  • Write a twitter storm from the blog post
  • Write a YouTube video script from the blog post
  • Write 5 email subjects
  • Write Facebook ad copy for the blog post, etc.

Q&A FUNNEL looks like this:

1. BASE (long form content) 2. INTEREST (refine and modify) 3. BROADCAST (how to promote the content) 4. CTA/OBJECTIVE/GOAL

Once you’ve completed the Chat, copy + paste into a Google Doc or word processor. It’s time to make it YOURS

Create ORIGINAL and UNIQUE content

Here’s the catch with this type of technology…everybody has access to the same exact tools and can replicate the same exact content.

My *personal opinion* is that for us, business owners, the battle will shift from research and create content to MAKING IT UNIQUE AND RELEVANT. We already fight for attention in a digital world full of content – now we will see even more content out there.

That doesn’t mean is good content and people will consume it 🙂

So here are a few ideas to make the content you create with AI STANDOUT:

Add 30%+ of your own content/voice/thoughts. People still buy and engage with people so make sure you still use your voice in those posts. I’m even adding my own typos because it is who I am 🙂

Make it USEFUL to YOUR people/business. Continue to focus on serving people with your content, not just crank out posts. Once you have the content drafted, give it a nice, personable ‘treatment’ to entice your audience. E.g. hacks for entrepreneurs, salon owners, etc.

Mix in DESIGN, GRAPHICS and IMAGERY that elevates your content to an aspirational and more custom.

Collect Data and Stats

What good does it make to have all this content and not do a thing for you, your business, your life…

The truth is nobody knows how the technology and monetization of it is going to play out, so from the very beginning you should track how effective this new content is to close more sales, build your list, have more conversations on social media, etc.

No matter your goal, check your data constantly to identify patterns (good or bad).

Make it a monthly thing to analyze the traffic, the sales, etc to decide if you should STOP, PIVOT or DOUBLE DOWN on using AI for copy 🙂

Ok, so I hope this is a good kickstart plan for you to play in the AI sandbox or an entertaining tale of chasing shiny objects (even on vacation).

Written curiously by,

Roberta (for now…)

PS: We are testing how AI-written content drives (good) traffic into evergreen funnels – among many other things we do at the agency – so if you don’t have a DIGITAL EVERGREEN FUNNEL yet, book a  free strategy  discussion with me so we can get you in the right path.

New to funnels? Check out this post:

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  1. Lucy says:

    Roberta, this is solid gold! I bookmarked this post and will be back again and again….you are a genius.

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