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3 must-dos before creating a PROFITABLE evergreen funnel

September 28, 2022

Don’t ‘whack-a-mole’ your evergreen funnel. Here are the 3 foundational must-dos if you don’t want to waste a ton of time and money with ‘broken’ funnels

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If all you hear about when it comes to evergreen funnels is how to lower cost of ads, tech or how to improve a webinar…it's because the old advice only focus on treating the symptoms, not addressing the true causes of funnel poor performance.

You will keep tackling each part and not the funnel as a whole

Those are great topics that definitely play a role in having an evergreen funnel for you digital program BUT they are not necessarily what will make a big difference for the funnel (aka how much money you will make in evergreen).

The problem with this piecemeal approach is that you'll keep solving small parts of the problem (like a very expensive game of whack-a-mole) and don't focus on the overall funnel and how to create one that is successful from the get go.

So I'm starting a little series about what REALLY moves the needle in evergreen…

The way to make sure you have a PROFITABLE evergreen funnel is to have the RIGHT elements first

The way I approach any new funnel or how I assess if someone is ready to create a highly successful funnel (6fig+) is by ‘check marking' those 3 elements:


Simply put you cannot run if you don't know how to walk. Since evergreen is a more complicated process to sell your program (compared to live launches for example), I always advise people to master creating, selling and giving results through a digital program first before thinking of selling on autopilot just so you can properly focus on the specific issues of evergreen instead of the technical aspects of the funnel.

2. ADS 101 AND 201

You probably know 2 things about ads: fastest way to boost evergreen sales AND they cost an arm and a leg after the iOS updates and other factors (with no sign of slowing down).

So if you want to play in evergreen sandbox and don't have a great source of organic traffic yet, I recommend you master ads before attaching an evergreen paid offer to it.

  • Build engagement, traffic and conversion campaigns (Ads 101): Once again, if you don't know how to use paid advertising as a tool, creating cost-effective campaigns will be really hard. Start small, create your first engagement ad for a few dollars a day and graduate to more elaborate campaigns.
  • Sell through paid advertising (Ads 201): if you never used paid advertising to drive sales then you should do it first to master the nuances of driving people from cold leads all the way to clients. You can start by creating ads campaigns for your next course launch or creating a campaign to book a call with you for services, etc. The point here is that you troubleshoot your sales process using ads before adding more complexity to it.


This might be totally new to you but not every course or program should be in evergreen.

The most successful evergreen courses out there solve problems that people clearly understand and are actively searching for an answer. I use the table below as a simple way to identify if you program is a good evergreen candidate or if it is more suitable for a live launch style.

The success factors have drastically changed, so to create a profitable evergreen process you have to look at the fundamentals

With the advances in technology and the rise of ‘savvy' audiences, you really can't rely on ‘old tactics' and frameworks that worked well pre-Covid.

You'll need to assess those 3 main pillars to determine if you are ready to embark on the evergreen journey.

So before you start tossing ‘Benjamins' into paid ads…


Action 1: If you haven't launched a digital program yet (course, membership, group coaching, downloadable, etc) – find a framework/course that teaches you how to create and launch (yep, live launch) and mark the launch date on the calendar. You can start with pre-selling just to a small list or running as a small coaching group and build the program while coaching.

Action 2: Create an ads campaign ‘one-level up' your current knowledge level. So if you are creating engagement or lead magnet campaigns…it is time to make a paid offer to them.

Action 3: Review the program you are planning to evergreen against the table above and decide if it should be in evergreen. If not, decide if you want to brainstorm a new program idea or put ‘evergreen' on the back burner.

Cross those 3 must-haves off your list OR make a plan to master them before kicking off your automated funnel…you will be so glad that you did!

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