Set Goals you Actually Want to Achieve


Another year that you didn’t meet all your goals?

That’s the life of an entrepreneur! 

The important thing is to not get discouraged and keep making progress towards the larger goals in your business.

Here is a look at my process of creating goals that fire you up for years and years. I’ve had the same business goals for 3 years now and every year I get a little bit closer to completing them.

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Best Tips for Planning Goals the Right Way:

Step 1 – The best timeframe for goals is 5 years so make sure you are setting them with this timeframe in mind.

Step 2 – Want a way to create better goals that keep you motivated and inspired? Don’t just focus on business goals! You should also be setting 5 different kinds of goals:

  •      The Personal
  •      The Lifestyle
  •      The Business
  •      The Impact
  •      The Moonshot


Step 3 – Set goals that are right for YOU! How do you do that? Make sure you know your numbers and aren’t just pulling numbers from thin air.

Ready to create laser-focused goals?

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How to Set Business Goals You Actually Want to Achieve

with love,

Roberta West

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