The Myth of the Perfect Launch (and how to actually make money online post pandemic)

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Have you ever thought that if you plan long enough, if you grow your list and write the perfect weekly emails, your launch will be a success? Guilty as charged.

Reality is that the consumer (students), the market, and tech are changing at the speed of light…

So what used to be great advice: grow your list, nurture, launch, get the dreamy 6-fig pay week, repeat…has become OBSOLETE

It is actually BLOCKING your progress if you're still trying to nail your offer!

Here’s the thing, when you wait too long to launch, you have outdated information and your offer might not even be as relevant as it was back when you started planning and validating the idea.

Growing a list to then launch is a myth that keeps you stuck in perfectionism, not real data.

My first online course, Creative Shop Formula, was a masterpiece that nobody needed (or wanted) and the biggest flop of my business career. I did all the right things:

  • Invested thousands in courses to create courses
  • ‘Validated' with tons of ICA calls (ICA = ideal customer avatar)
  • Wrote the ‘perfect' program between baby naps and my job vacation days (I worked every awaken moment between Christmas and NYE.)
  • Paid a small fortune for a custom branding
  • State of the art sales page, tech, video lessons, pdfs
  • Pre-launch runway
  • Webinar, email sequence, bonus package…you name it!

You've seen this ‘movie' so let's skip to the good part… 

Nobody bought it and I had an epiphany…

I took too long to put the offer in front of my audience and they no longer needed this program.

You see, the year before, everybody was looking for an alternative to Etsy (they were upping their charges) so my program would have been a no-brainer – “let me show you how to open your own shop!”

But by the time I launched (toddler + full time job = 1 year later) my ICA main pain point, need and desires had shifted from creating a shop to driving sales to it!

Big lesson here…'taking the time' and creating a ‘perfect' program while sitting on your couch with your own thoughts is a MYTH.

You should MICRO-LAUNCH every month instead.

The concept is very simple…

Offer your course, membership or group program to a new audience (no matter how small) every month to build a bigger launch after, backed up by DATA. 

Here are some quick tips to implement this strategy (not that you can’t figure that out by yourself – it’s that simple! 🙂 

Tip #1: Pre-sell as fast as you can

The strategy I use (most of my students use as well) is to create a 3-email + 8-post micro-campaign to pre-sell your program in the next week! More about that in the next issue!

The only conditions for it to work: 

  • Offer – you have a program to teach, that yield results
  • Framework – you know how you’ll give people the results promised. I like 1-on-1 or small group coaching if this is a brand new offer.
  • 100 people on your list or you can get 100 people to see your offer
  • Way for people to pay  and to deliver the offer 

Tip #2: ‘Micro-Launch’ every month after

Create a SALES EVENT or LEAD MAGNET to get another 100 people on your list and relaunch the following month. If you are not ‘breaking even’ on the micro-launches, redesign your offer or sales MECHANISM/EVENT (e.g. webinar, challenge, emails) and micro-launch it the next month.

Tip #3: Reinvest 50% of the money into your ‘full launch'

A good rule of thumb I learned from Jill & Josh Stanton is to reinvest 50% of all the profits into marketing. If you are making money with your micro-launches it is time to start growing your list faster to scale the micro-launches into a full launch. Reinvest 50% into ads, a podcast, a lead magnet strategy, etc.

Tip #4: ‘Full launch’ in 2 or 3 months

After you micro launch with success (made money, the sales feel ‘easier’, people give you great feedback) it is time to scale. Now, you go into full launch mode, setting targets to grow your launch list weekly and investing into the launch assets, like sales page (perhaps a copywriter, ads manager, etc). 

How does it sound?! Wouldn’t you prefer to know that your launch is going to work then to invest all the time and money into a shot in the dark? 

Micro-Launching is the best way to capitalize (aka pre-pay for your launch) and validate your offer, so why don't you give it a try next week??

Your micro-launch mentor,


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