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Jumping right in…

Why you need an automated sales funnel in your business?

I didn’t create my first evergreen funnel because I wanted to sit by the beach, sipping margaritas, making millions of dollars (ok, it might be my dream now)…

I created an evergreen funnel because I had no other option.

When Covid started, I had a full time corporate job, a kid at home being ‘homeschooled’ and we sold our condo in the city to get more space for 2 home offices – life was BUSY!

The traditional advice ‘post on social, get a handful of email subscribers, post some more, launch in 6 mos…’ just didn’t work for me. 

You might be in the same boat… 

so I’m sharing the easiest types of funnel that are working really well RIGHT NOW so you can do the same. 

According to FORBES earlier this year…

“Small business owners are acutely feeling the impact on their mental well being and their ability to maintain work-life balance as a result of navigating pandemic-related disruptions and fluctuating mandates across the country for nearly two years.”

Even my clients and students say the same thing…

“life freakin’ happens and you just can’t stop your kids from getting sick, your job to ask you for extra work or having to add more 1:1 clients to pay the bills”

And that’s why I wholeheartedly believe every solo or small entrepreneur needs an evergreen funnel running in the background.

Honestly, I hope you go from ‘I’m not ready for a funnel’ to ‘oh sh*t, this is so easy I can’t believe I didn’t do it before!’

So let’s back up a bit to get some clarity on which funnel you should pick and if you have all the ‘ingredients

2 business objectives of a funnel

Automated, evergreen funnels can have distinct roles in your business:

Leads & Awareness

Simply put, you’re growing your email list or social media channels so more people know about you! In this category we have:

  • lead magnet funnels
  • social media funnels
  • expert funnels (promoting your podcast or blog), etc.

Sales & Revenue Stream

The purpose of this kind of funnel is to SELL a product or service in your business. In this category we have: 

  • Automated webinars
  • Semi or fully automated challenges (paid, free)
  • Email funnels
  • Low ticket (SLO) funnels
  • DM funnels
  • Call funnels, etc

As a rule of thumb, lead funnels are cheaper and easier – so if you are just starting, a lead funnel can be the best option. 

If you are ready for a money-making funnel, start with the ‘hybrids’ – something like a DM or a ‘book a call’ funnel – until you really get the hang of messaging, offers and ads that work in evergreen!

What you need to create an automated funnel

Now that you know what you want the funnel to do for you, you're going to need a handful of things to actually put it together.

**Skip to the ‘good part’ if you know the parts of a funnel!

Thing #1: An Offer

Even if you are sending people to your social media profile, you need to offer them something good…it can be ‘entertainment’, ‘solving a problem’, ‘community’ …


Biggest mistake I see is to offer something convenient to you or that you believe they want. Give real value (even if it is for free) and people will take the action you expect them to. 

The book $100M Offers is a great investment if you are struggling to make offers people can’t wait to get.

Also, if you have an evergreen program idea, you can book an offer feedback call with me or my team – it is totally free and you will walk away with very actionable steps to improve it.

Thing #2: A way to communicate with them (Client list)

Once they take action, you want to keep in touch right?! Having an email list or a SMS list is still the most effective way to do it. 

Inside any email provider, you’ll need to create: Tags, Forms and Sequences.

I won’t get super into it because you are here and know about email lists 🙂

Thing #3: A way to get paid

Most all-in-one software (like Kajabi, SamCart and Thrivecart) have cart processor capabilities. That said, you’d still need a way to do the money transaction and that is done through Stripe, PayPal or others. You’ll need both: a way to create paid offers (cart processor) and a way to get the money from the customer to you (Stripe, etc)

With transaction costs skyrocketing, we are looking for more affordable ways to sell. Personal financing options like Affirm have been popping up specially for high ticket programs!

Thing #4: A place to host your offers

Once they give you their email or hard-earned money you gotta deliver the offer. The most common ways to host your offer:

  • Link Share (Google Drive, etc)
  • Course Hosting Platform (Thrivecart Learn, Kajabi, etc)
  • Community (Facebook Groups, Circle, Mighty Networks)

Checked all ‘things’?? Let’s talk funnel strategies then…

**Check out the Ultimate Guide to Funnel Tech

Money-making funnels you can create today

‘Book-a-Call’ Funnel

If you need cash fast, this is your funnel! 

Sales calls are still the most natural way to sell even if you hate ‘selling’. Most prospective buyers prefer to buy from someone on a call, especially if looking for a high ticket offer ($3K+).


  • Ads or organic traffic to the expert content piece
  • Expert content that really showcase your offer (blog post, newsletter, youtube video, podcast, ‘case study’ page on your website)
  • [Optional] Sales page with ‘book a call button’
  • Valuable call outcome or call to action (strategy, debrief, solution)
  • Way to book a call (Calendly and Zoom work wonderfully for me, but there are options)
  • Sales call script/questions to ask before the call
  • Offer Cart Link ready to go at the call
  • Follow up emails if they don’t buy on the spot

How it works:

Waitlist Funnel

If you are planning a launch or relaunch of a program, you need a ‘waitlist’ funnel asap. Actively sending people to a waitlist will increase your launch results when the time comes but you can also send them an irresistible offer right away…

something like a pre-sell discount or special bonus to purchase now. 


  • Promo posts to waitlist (social media, expert posts, etc)
  • Sales Page
  • Waitlist form
  • Waitlist/Sales sequence
  • Offer Cart Link

How it works:

Ascension (or Email Funnel)

If you have multiple offers to the same ICA (ideal customer avatar) then you need an ascension funnel to automatically put the ‘next offer’ in front of your people. 

If you have an entry offer ($7 downloadable or $37 program) then you will ‘ascend’ them to the next offer (group coaching, full course, etc) with a sequence of sales emails. 

It is the exact same process if you have a free lead magnet and want to sell them your first offer – I call it ‘Email Funnel’ instead 🙂 


  • A lead or client list
  • ‘Bridge’ email – connecting/explaining why they should go from where they are (reason they joined your list or bought your small offer) to the next thing you are going to sell. 
  • Sales sequence – 3 to 10 emails highlighting your offer benefits and how it can help them achieve what they want
  • New Offer Sales Page (or similar)
  • New Offer Cart Link

How it works:

Hint: if you have Launch Firestarters you can use the sales email sequence to create this one quickly

You see?! Funnels are simple to put together but you must be willing to work alongside it to make it truly work…

This week, put on your calendar to create one of those funnels for your business and ‘run’ it for a few weeks.

 After that, sit with the numbers, assess what worked, what didn’t, and go from there.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, it needs to be well thought out!

With funnel love,


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